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Meet 2014 Uforia Fest Emerging Artist Winners

Meet emerging artist winners that will be performing at this year's Uforia Music Festival.
30 Jun 2014 – 08:35 PM EDT


(Excerpt from Bio) Jason Cerda is the definition of a new era of music. His new R&B/Pop/Latin fusion has left every one of his fans anticipating his new project.

A D.C. native, Cerda combines his Puerto Rican roots with today’s popular beats to make each single better than the last. He’s not just known for his amazing vocals, though.   His high-energy shows and gravity-defying choreography have made him one of the most memorable performers to come from the DC metropolitan area. Singing in both English and Spanish has given him the ability to reach a wide fan-base all over the world.

Popular Tracks:

Special To Me Part 2.

First Album:

“Till The Last Beat” was released at the end of 2010 receiving more than 120,000 downloads.  Followed by his first international tour in Tokyo in the summer of 2011

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Born to a family whose roots are deep into music it is no surprise that Pedro Capo decided to follow the path of his granfather path, Puerto Rican singer Bobby Capo. 

Pedro picked up the guitar at an early age and quickly demonstrated great virtue with the strings, even becoming the main voice of the group Marka Registrada.

At a later phase of his life he moved to New York and got the opportunity to work on musical productions including: Apollo Theatre’s production of  The Sweet Spot (NYC) and the Off-Broadway hit musical production of  CELIA: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz.    

His music speaks about the human reality, social aspects of his interest, love, women and the conjugation of every-day experiences that make “us all learn to be better people and to live in peace.”

Source: FB and Wikipedia

Popular Tracks:

“Duele Ser Infiel”

“Vamos A Huir”

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(Excerpt from Bio) “J” finished high school in 2007 and began his music career by participating in local studio sessions and performances in Orlando.  People always liked his unique voice and noted great lyrical ability. In 2009, J Quiles recorded “It Sappho” with Genio & Baby Johnny, which became a hit on the Internet Radio and Impulse J Quiles to a short list of new talent.   J Quiles the following year recorded his first single “Something More” along with its video directed by Fernando Lugo.  Having accumulated over 3 million views on You Tube, J Quiles Rich caught the attention of record company Rich Music. 

Popular Tracks:

“Orgullo” " Pride

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