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Apparently Adele and Skepta are dating

Internet is in shock
1 Oct 2019 – 11:48 AM EDT

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It appears that Adele is dating rapper Skepta and their close friends predict that they will become a couple. The two have plenty in common. First, they're both from Tottenham and have been in regular contact since Adele got divorced in April.

31-year-old Adele just recently celebrated Skepta's 37th birthday which was on September 19th at the Crystal Maze in London.

Sources close to the couple say that they've been there for one another after both of their relationships ended.

Adele has a seven-year-old son and Skepta had became a father in November last year. Sources say that both are very private about their love lives and put their children first and foremost.

Adele posted up a photo of Skepta and shared it to her 31.9 million followers.

Adele fans are is disbelief.