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Model left blind after getting eyeballs tattooed

27 Feb 2020 – 04:56 PM EST

WROCLAW, POLAND - Aleksandra Sadowska wanted to be different. She went to a tattoo artist to copy a rap artist by the name of Popek who also had his eyeballs professionally darkened.

The procedure done by the artist referred to as Piotr A left the 25-year-old in lots of pain. The tattooist told Sadowska to take some painkillers and advised that the pain was "normal" in a sense.

The tattoo artist is facing a three year prison sentence now after leaving Sadowska blind.

An investigation sought that the tattoo artist had made several huge mistakes during the procedure. One of those mistakes made was using ink designed for human skin, which should never come in contact with eyes.

Doctors say that Sadowska's sight in her right eye was permanent and that she may lose complete sight in her left eye too.

The tattooist has no pleaded guilty to any wrongdoing and his court case is expected to begin any day.

While eye tattoo is an actual procedure, it should be done correctly. The procedure is done by injecting a tiny amount of ink under the conjunctiva, which is the clear membrane covering the front of the eye, and over the sclera, the white part of the eyeball.

The procedure was first introduced by Luna Cobra and the late Shannon Larratt who performed body modification nearly a decade ago. Even if the procedure is done correctly, you're taking a serious risk to unpredictable consequences in the future.

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