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26 Feb 2021 – 08:40 pm ET

What is going to be the fate of Trump's border wall under the Biden administration?

On his first day in office, President Biden signed a proclamation terminating the national emergency that Trump used to funnel money from the Pentagon to build the wall.
24 Feb 2021 – 12:42 am ET

Former Florida congressman fined $456,000 for "egregious" campaign scheme

A federal court ordered former Miami Republican Congressman David Rivera to pay a $456,000 fine after the Federal Election Commission accused him of illegally funding a secret election campaign to sabotage a political rival in 2012.
24 Ene 2021 – 06:21 pm ET

How to unite the country? We need more poetry, says Richard Blanco

There’s nothing like the humanities to ask the deep and meaningful questions that need to be posed about healing a divided America, says Obama’s inaugural poet. ( Leer en español)
22 Ene 2021 – 10:22 pm ET

President Biden prepares to undo Trump's Latin America policy. How far will he go?

Instead of funding a border wall, Biden will once again take a more diplomatic approach to Latin America, with an accent on corruption and climate change.
20 Ene 2021 – 12:00 am ET

The transition

This week's episode of Real America with Jorge Ramos travels to Washington DC to go inside the not so peaceful transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.
18 Ene 2021 – 03:19 pm ET

The unthinkable images of the Capitol under military guard

The Pentagon authorized the use of National Guard troops to maintain security in the capital a week before Joe Biden's inauguration. Now soldiers can be seen resting in the Capitol Visitor Center, patroling with assault rifles past historic statues and paintings as members of Congress conduct their duties. READ MORE: What is the future of the Republic party after Trump?
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16 Ene 2021 – 04:25 pm ET

What future does Trump have in the Republican Party after January 20?

The Trump brand is severely damaged after losing the election and the assault on the Capitol. But he still controls the base of the Republican Party. So what happens to the party after he leaves the White House? ( Leer en español)
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15 Ene 2021 – 08:57 pm ET

Latin America could offer a roadmap for the U.S. transition from Trump to Biden

Latin America’s on-again off-again relationship with democracy could offer some helpful insights to the United States, which is about to begin its own precarious trek back up the weedy embankment towards the path to democracy.
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10 Ene 2021 – 03:33 pm ET

Stacey Abrams, the 'ninja' political strategist and architect of Democratic party's victory in Georgia

The 46-year-old lawyer - and romance novelist - is credited with building an inclusive multiracial and community approach to winning elections. The 'Abrams Playbook' is now seen as a role model in other states with large minority populations. ( Leer en español)
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8 Ene 2021 – 07:28 pm ET

Battleground Georgia

Georgia's Latino voters helped President-elect Joe Biden secure a narrow victory in the state in November. Can they now help Democrats flip the Senate?
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18 Dic 2020 – 08:08 pm ET

International migrants day: honoring the ability to overcome adversity and live a better life

Por:Joe Kutchera
“Portraits of Immigrant Voices" is a new content initiative which provides an example of humanity’s “will to overcome adversity and live a better life. Puedes leer este artículo en español.
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4 Dic 2020 – 10:41 pm ET

Could this Hispanic former Miami mayor be the savior of the Florida Democratic party?

The battle for control of the Democratic Party in Florida is heating up after a second consecutive defeat to Donald Trump. Michael Bloomberg has endorsed his Cuban-American friend and former Miami mayor Manny Díaz.
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1 Dic 2020 – 10:26 pm ET

Six battleground states certify Joe Biden as election winner

All six states where President Trump contested the results have now certified Joe Biden as the winner, but the president continues to say there was fraud without providing evidence. The Attorney General also said Tuesday there was no evidence of significant fraud. All this, as many congressional Republicans remain silent on the issue.
16 Nov 2020 – 05:46 pm ET

Trump's cries of "fraud!" bring back memories of the 2000 elections, but what do they have in common?

There were allegations of fraud in 2000, but back then, there was much greater uncertainty about who had actually won the election. And the dispute centered on just one state: Florida, and a few hundred votes. ( Leer en español)
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10 Nov 2020 – 10:21 pm ET

Defiant Trump fuels chaotic transition with legal fights

The president's campaign has filed new lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Arizona. How are the courts likely to go? “They are not arguing something a court can give them … in Pennsylvania, one of the things they are asking for is to throw out the entire vote, which is sort of absurd,” says Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, a law professor at Stetson University College of Law.
9 Nov 2020 – 12:32 pm ET

Will Trump concede defeat to Biden and follow centuries-old tradition?

The usual custom of conceding is a short phone call to the victor and a speech to supporters thanking them for their efforts, albeit in a lost cause. But Trump says that "this election is far from over."
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9 Nov 2020 – 12:47 pm ET

"We saved the day": How the Latino vote was key in Arizona and Florida

New voter registration and community outreach were key in securing Hispanic turnout in the elections, especially in Arizona and Florida, and could provide a roadmap for future campaigns.
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6 Nov 2020 – 09:25 pm ET

Will President Trump concede his election loss to Joe Biden?

What could happen if Trump does not concede to Biden? “That is not just bad for a president-elect, but bad for our country… we know that foreign adversaries may try to take advantage of uncertainty so there are national security considerations that need to be taken into account,” says Chris Lu, a former senior member of the Obama administration.
6 Nov 2020 – 09:27 pm ET

Key battleground states to determine who will be the next president

How will people know the final results? “Every state has what they call a certification date … essentially, about 10 to 15 days after the election, the committee in charge of the state election … will meet and they will certify the counts from all the counties,” says Charles Zelden political science professor at Nova Southeastern University.
4 Nov 2020 – 09:58 pm ET

What is Trump’s strategy to win this election?

Could we be headed for another election recount controversy as happened 20 years ago in Florida between George W Bush and Al Gore? “The president is likely to call for recounts. He will challenge the legitimacy of many of the votes counted. That will bring in the lawyers and litigation. And we may be in another Bush v. Gore scenario if it goes on,” says Charles Zelden, a political science professor at Nova Southeastern University, referring to the controversial 2000 Florida election recount.