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Pub. 19 Dic 2022 – 10:59 AM EST
Act. 19 Dic 2022 – 11:41 AM EST

U.S. and Canada turn to sanctions against Haitian politicians and businessmen accused of ties to gangs

The US has rarely resorted to sanctions in Haiti, leading some to ask why the punitive tool wasn't used sooner? But some potential sanctions targets live in the United States, making execution more difficult.
Pub. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:20 AM EDT

Sanctions on Russia slow to bite as experts call for tougher “package” to end Putin's war

Russia continues to devote enormous resources to its war effort in Ukraine. Some experts say the West needs to inflict more pain on Putin to ensure that economic sanctions take effect. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 11 Jun 2022 – 03:51 PM EDT
Act. 13 Jun 2022 – 07:12 AM EDT

Biden tries to curb China's growing influence in Latin America: Is it too late?

At the Summit of the Americas, President Joe Biden said private sector investment was key to regain ground in relations with Latin America. But China's powerful banks and state-owned enterprises have long been expanding their influence in the hemisphere. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 16 May 2022 – 12:21 PM EDT
Act. 16 May 2022 – 12:27 PM EDT

The new insurance crisis: homeowners hit by rising premiums in 2022

Insurance is literally going up across the country, especially in Florida, where the industry is being hit by a perfect storm of hurricanes, roofing fraud and litigation. In Florida, property insurance premiums are expected to rise as much as 40% this year. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:30 AM EDT
Act. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:33 AM EDT

Can Russia be forced to pay for the cost of the war in Ukraine with frozen assets?

When the fighting is done, vast sums of money will be needed in the future for reparations to rebuild Ukraine and to help ensure its long-term security. So who will pay for that?
Pub. 15 Abr 2022 – 11:52 AM EDT
Act. 15 Abr 2022 – 02:47 PM EDT

After 50 days of the war in Ukraine, are the Russia sanctions having any effect?

With a total of 9,655 sanctions against it, Russia is now the most sanctioned country in the world, ahead of Iran. Of these, 6,901 have been imposed since February. But the high price of oil and gas, ironically a result of the war, is fueling Vladimir Putin's war machine. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 21 Mar 2022 – 03:00 PM EDT
Act. 21 Mar 2022 – 03:00 PM EDT

High gas prices: the new headache for Biden and Democrats

Oil prices are likely to remain high for the rest of this year, but the war in Ukraine could give Biden a patriotic boost.
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Pub. 20 Dic 2021 – 03:54 PM EST
Act. 20 Dic 2021 – 04:08 PM EST

On the verge of eviction

How Hispanic and Black mothers are fighting to stay in their homes.
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Pub. 20 Dic 2021 – 03:38 PM EST
Act. 20 Dic 2021 – 03:42 PM EST

Miami investor goes from taking on Trump to disrupting the global travel industry

After teaching Donald Trump a business lesson in Panama, a new public company hopes to transform the travel industry with its Uber-like platform connecting consumers and travel agents with airlines and travel service providers.
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Pub. 6 Dic 2021 – 12:36 PM EST
Act. 6 Dic 2021 – 01:11 PM EST

Trump’s new media firm says it has lined up $1b in new capital, but now facing federal investigation

If the deal is finalized, Trump could have found an ingenious solution to all his financial problems.
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7 Nov 2021 – 12:42 PM EST

Trump could face federal scrutiny over new social media venture, experts say

A proposed new media company former President Donald Trump is hoping to turn into a rival to Facebook and Twitter, could draw uncomfortable scrutiny from stock market regulators, according to lawyers and industry experts.
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26 Oct 2021 – 01:51 PM EDT

A Peruvian, a Brazilian "prince" and a Mexican in China: the partners of Trump's new media venture

The new company, Trump Media & Technology Group, was launched through a merger with a little known ‘blank check’ company run by a Miami businessman with backing from a Mexican consulting firm with offices in China. ( Leer en español)
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21 Sep 2021 – 09:49 PM EDT

Un pueblo de Pensilvania es seleccionado por Money entre los 50 mejores para vivir en EEUU

La aparición de Lower Merion en las clasificaciones marca el segundo año consecutivo que el condado de Montgomery ha producido una ciudad entre las 50 mejores después de que Abington fuera el mejor lugar para vivir en el puesto 19 en 2020.
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18 Jun 2021 – 01:21 PM EDT

Bukele's big Bitcoin bet in El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele says that the legalization of Bitcoin will make remittances easier and "provide financial inclusion to thousands of people outside the formal economy." How much truth is there in what he is proposing? ( Leer en español)
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28 May 2021 – 09:39 AM EDT

China to tax Venezuelan crude: the possible end of an alliance that marks another chapter in Maduro's economic debacle

Experts say that relations between Beijing and Caracas have deteriorated in recent months and that the Chinese government may have lost patience with Venezuela's mismanagement of its sanctioned oil industry. ( Leer en español)
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19 May 2021 – 10:56 AM EDT

Chef Chris Heath switched jobs in the pandemic after his employer cut his wages

A poll of hospitality workers found that 65% felt the industry failed to do enough to help employees. "Respondents said employers were too quick to fire or furlough them and that employers cared more about stock value than the workers themselves," according to Florida Atlantic University researchers who conducted the poll.
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19 May 2021 – 08:16 AM EDT

Fed up and moving on, hospitality industry survey sheds light on April job numbers

Many Americans are reluctant to return to the job market citing low pay, long hours, and an uncaring corporate culture. ( Leer en español)
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20 Abr 2021 – 03:36 PM EDT

In a call or message on social media: the IRS warns how scammers seek to keep your stimulus check

Por::Mayra Rocha
More than 150 million stimulus checks have been mailed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For this reason, authorities have warned how scammers are trying to deceive recipients and how these Economic Impact Payment are being processed.
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21 Mar 2021 – 12:16 PM EDT

Here are ten Miami startups you might not have heard of

Miami aspires to be recognized as a new technology hub. The experience of working from home during Covid led many entrepreneurs to move to the city because of its climate, diverse population and low taxes. The city already has a surprisingly thriving tech ecosystem.
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21 Mar 2021 – 11:51 AM EDT

How the pandemic is transforming Miami into a new tech hub (though it may not replace Silicon Valley)

As Miami tries to become the next tech hub, does the city have the talent and infrastructure, and can it avoid going the way of San Francisco or New York, where the high cost of living is driving many people away? ( Leer en español)
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