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22 Dic 2020 – 10:10 pm ET

1 in 6 people overall could be food insecure in 2020

Feeding America, the nation's largest food bank network, is reporting a 60% increase in demand at food banks over the last year. “Never in our history as a network have we seen something that has impacted so many food banks across the country so quickly,” says Zuani Villarreal, director of communications at Feeding America.
22 Dic 2020 – 10:10 pm ET

No evidence that variant is more deadly or resistant to vaccines

There are reassuring words from doctors about the new covid strain in the UK. “We know that social distancing and wearing a mask still work. And there is evidence that the vaccines will work with this new mutation as well,” says Dr. Payal Patel, an infectious disease physician at the University of Michigan.
22 Dic 2020 – 10:09 pm ET

Los Angeles breaks new record of daily pandemic cases

The U.S. has more covid-19 patients now than ever before. Los Angeles county is in crisis and New York is taking measures to prevent the new strain in the UK from reaching its borders. Meanwhile vaccinations continue, the first doses of the Moderna vaccine are already being administered.
21 Dic 2020 – 10:52 pm ET

Trump downplays suspected Russia hack, blames China without evidence

President Trump is downplaying a massive cyberattack on the government after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo linked the attack to Russia. To talk about this massive data breach we spoke to Max Bergmann, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.
21 Dic 2020 – 10:33 pm ET

The U.S. continues to break record of covid-19 cases

The UK is under an emergency lockdown for the holidays as a new more contagious strain of covid-19 spreads. Meanwhile, in the U.S. an average of 250,000 cases is being reported daily with hopes the newly approved Moderna vaccine helps accelerate the inoculation process.
21 Dic 2020 – 10:33 pm ET

Family struggles after all 10 members test positive for covid-19

A family in Los Angeles may end up having the worse Christmas yet as every single one of their members has tested positive for covid-19 and they fear for the well-being of one family member in particular. Here’s the story.
21 Dic 2020 – 10:32 pm ET

Mexicans flock to shopping malls ahead of 23-day lockdown

In Mexico, residents in the capital city are scrambling to do their holiday shopping before lockdowns grow more severe. But doctors are alarmed at the crowded conditions found in many spots across Mexico City. Here’s the report.
17 Dic 2020 – 10:53 pm ET

Early voting underway in Georgia Senate runoff election

Early voting is underway in Georgia for two Senate runoff elections and a growing Latino vote could be decisive. “The two Senators that get elected in Georgia will play a key role in the transformation of this country and the direction of the future of our community,” says Yadira Sanchez, co-executive director of the organization Poder Latinx.
17 Dic 2020 – 10:14 pm ET

Winter storm could delay deliveries including covid vaccine

Amid a winter storm blast in the northeast, covid-19 vaccine shipments are still on track. Front line workers and now nursing home residents becoming the first to receive the vaccine, while an FDA panel of outside advisers is weighing the safety and effectiveness of Moderna’s vaccine today.
17 Dic 2020 – 10:12 pm ET

U.S. finalized agreement to deport asylum seekers to El Salvador

It is now official, El Salvador joined Honduras and Guatemala to become what is known as a "safe third country". That means these Central American countries will take in immigrants who arrive in the United States or at its border to seek asylum or humanitarian protection.
17 Dic 2020 – 10:17 pm ET

U.S. reports deadliest day of pandemic, cases, and hospitalizations

The U.S. surpassed 17 million cases of coronavirus, breaking all records Wednesday on new cases deaths and hospitalizations. This as newly revealed emails show how a Trump official was advocating for herd immunity back in July.
17 Dic 2020 – 10:14 pm ET

The pandemic puts a damp on Xochimilco’s Christmas celebration

In Mexico, the famed canals of Xochimilco are a beloved tradition for Mexicans across the country. But that destination, like so many others, now in danger because of the pandemic. Here are the details.
16 Dic 2020 – 10:42 pm ET

How to ensure equitable vaccine distribution in the U.S.?

“We need our department of public health to make sure that they arrange a vaccine prioritization scheme in the respective states that are fair and equitable,” says Dr. Uche Blackstock, an emergency room physician in New York City and a Yahoo News medical contributor.
16 Dic 2020 – 10:40 pm ET

Vaccination rollout to begin in nursing homes next week

The Pfizer vaccine is being shipped all across this country with front line workers receiving their first doses. Next in line are nursing home residents. This as a new report from the FDA emerges on a second potential vaccine from Moderna.
16 Dic 2020 – 10:41 pm ET

Another 29,000 Americans died from covid-19 in last 24 hrs.

In just the last 24-hours, about 29,000 more Americans died from the coronavirus. California is preparing for a mass casualty situation, with hospitals in L.A. County in crisis and as some governors implement tighter restrictions, Florida is taking the opposite approach.
16 Dic 2020 – 10:41 pm ET

Mexico's Congress approves limiting presence of DEA agents in the country

A controversial reform that was proposed by the Mexican President himself has DEA agents under the spotlight and some experts warning that bilateral security could be in danger. Here’s the report.
15 Dic 2020 – 10:48 pm ET

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell acknowledges Trump’s defeat

Senate Republican Mitch McConnell finally admitted Joe Biden is president-elect of the U.S. “Everyone knew Joe Biden was going to be the next president of the U.S. He won overwhelmingly. It's good to see Republicans in the Senate acknowledging reality,” says Sam Berger, with the Center for American Progress, a liberal organization in Washington D.C.
15 Dic 2020 – 10:48 pm ET

Health care workers get first doses of covid vaccine nationwide

Health care workers all over the country are receiving the covid vaccine marking a major turning point in the battle against the deadly virus. But health experts warn the population to be cautious because achieving herd immunity is still several months away.
15 Dic 2020 – 10:35 pm ET

Meet the man who rescues and takes covid infected people to hospital

In the Mexican state of Hidalgo, a man has been rescuing people who have been suffering from covid-19, physically carrying some to a local hospital for treatment. Here’s the story of this good Samaritan.
15 Dic 2020 – 10:36 pm ET

Armed Mexicans smuggled into U.S. to guard border wall

A legal complaint reveals that the construction firms building the border wall hired armed Mexican guards to watch over the work. And now, two employees have filed a complaint, accusing the firms of labor abuses.