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30 Jun 2020 – 08:46 pm ET

“I can’t breathe”: a Hispanic man who was held by the Arizona police for 12 minutes during his arrest

Carlos Ingram-López, 27, died on April 21 after being pinned to the ground by Tucson police officers who restrained him for 12 minutes. The forensic report confirmed that the man died of sudden cardiac arrest.
5 May 2020 – 04:15 am ET

The Trump administration says "the entire banking sector of Venezuela" may be may be subject to sanctions - John Bolton

The US National Security Adviser spoke exclusively to Univision about new sanctions imposed Friday on the Maduro regime in Venezuela.
30 Jul 2020 – 02:29 am ET

Miriam Arias recaps Superbowl commercials

With stars like Steve Carell, Cardi B, Adam Scott, and even Tom Brady himself, Miriam Arias reflects on the superbowl commercials and the big name stars in them.
30 Jul 2020 – 02:50 am ET

Interview: AP journalist Manuel Rueda discusses censorship in Venezuela

Live from Caracas, Venezuela, AP journalist Manuel Rueda talks about government censorship and how the opposition is targeted on the internet.
30 Jul 2020 – 01:03 am ET

Annabelle Sedano catches up on latest tech news

A new 911 Emergency app, Facebook's 15th birthday, and more: Annabelle Sedano catches up on the latest news in technology.
30 Jul 2020 – 02:31 am ET

Nick Cantor reflects on Superbowl and other sports highlights from the past week

From soccer to the Superbowl, Nick Cantor reflects on the best moments in sports.
30 Jul 2020 – 02:25 am ET

Ex CIA prosthetics expert helps disfigured woman

Samantha Diaz was 14 years old when a car accident left her uncrecognizably disfigured, her mentor encouraged her to meet Robert Barron, an ex CIA prostehetics expert to help reconstruct her face.
30 Jul 2020 – 01:35 am ET

Nick Cantor recaps sports highlights from the past week

From exciting plays in soccer to the Australian Open tennis final, Nick Cantor recaps what happened the past week in the world of sports.
30 Jul 2020 – 01:49 am ET

Interview: Dr. Martha Michelle Colon, founder of "Be Gutsy," discusses impact of opioid epidemic

"Be Gutsy's" Dr. Marta Michelle Colon discusses her campaign's goals of educating young latino adults about avoiding addiction to prescription opioids.
30 Jul 2020 – 01:55 am ET

Interview: Former DEA agent Jim Shedd discusses how the government shutdown affected the Drug Enforcement Agency

In an interview with Carolina Sarassa, former DEA agent Jim Shedd discusses how the money for informants and gas for vehicles started running out due to the government shutdown.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:17 pm ET

Exclusive: Venezuela’s interim president Guaidó says he intends to call for elections “in the shortest amount of time possible” even under “dictatorship conditions”

After being sworn in as interim president this Wednesday, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, spoke about the transition planned to call for elections in 30 days, as outlined by the country’s Constitution.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:11 pm ET

Exclusive: Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaidó says “amnesty is on the table” for Nicolás Maduro and other high ranking officials

Guaidó compared the current high tension situation in Venezuela with the way dictatorships in Latin America ended, and added that he would favor offering amnesty to Nicolás Maduro in exchange for him leaving power.
27 Jul 2020 – 09:37 pm ET

Julián Castro, the Latino who is convinced he will defeat Trump in 2020 and become president of the US

He was mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of Housing and Development when Barack Obama was president. Now, Castro has announced he will be running for office himself. He says Trump is taking the country backwards and assures the public that he is capable of beating him in 2020.
27 Jul 2020 – 08:39 pm ET

Mexico's first blind congressman hopes to combat discrimination

Hugo Luis, Mexico's first blind congressman has created apps to fight against discrimination, and was a blind Olympic athlete.
27 Jul 2020 – 09:23 pm ET

Gas shortage in Mexico forces police onto bikes

The gas shortage has obliged police to find other transportation, such as bikes, while taxi drivers are forced to sleep to queue overnight outside gas stations.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:23 pm ET

Federal employees look for other income to pay the bills

21 days into the government shutdown, federal employees are not getting paid. To get by, some are contemplating selling items, taking part-time jobs, or looking for new jobs entirely.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:17 pm ET

ICE sending fines to undocumented immigrants

Under federal law, immigrants may be fined up to $500 a day if they don't comply with deportation orders. Immigration experts say the fines had never been implemented until now.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:18 pm ET

Two Mississippi girls accused of killing mother

Two Mississippi girls, aged 12 and 14 were arrested for stabbing and shooting their mother, Erica Nicole Hall, to death. Robin Comey, an aunt of the victim, reacts to her niece's death.
27 Jul 2020 – 10:16 pm ET

Fact checking the president's speech

Andrea Linares clears up some inaccuracies in President Trump's Tuesday night speech.
16 Ago 2020 – 09:12 am ET

Giving a voice to the Dreamers: Millionaire former media owner, Donald Graham, and the DREAMer scholarship fund

The former owner of the Washington Post, Donald Graham, says he co-founded "TheDream.US", a $25 million fund, to give DREAMers access to financial aid otherwise denied to the undocumented.