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Spanish artist creates a mini apartment underneath a bridge

13 May 2020 – 11:29 AM EDT

We're taking a look back at a video from 2017. This video captured our attention because it was cool to see something done with space that every city has.

An artist had some ingenuity and put together a simple little studio apartment away from life. Fernando Abellanas installed a small studio apartment underneath a bridge in Valencia, Spain that made use of the structure to support everything. Compiled of welded steel, four wheels and a solid wooden bottom to support weight of a person, Fernando made the best hidden away studio apartment for isolation.

Fernando built shelves that were bolted to the concrete in which contained his belongings and had a stationary chair and desk bolted on the other side of the concrete structure. The man created a moveable platform with a hand crank to take him across the bridge safely where on one can reach him. At night, Fernando uses a lamp to see in the dark.

As for the noise, you'll hear the hussle and bussle above.

We have to say that this is pretty clever when you want to escape from life for a little bit.