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Police chase kicked off Super Bowl parade

5 Feb 2020 – 12:56 PM EST

Kansas City is celebrating their Super Bowl victory with a parade in the streets but didn't expect a car chase in the middle of it. A gray sedan went through the streets of the parade route at a high rate of speed with officers behind.

People were lining up the streets along the route Wednesday morning but the actual parade didn't kick off yet and wasn't scheduled until 11:30 p.m. central time.

It was a wild scene as the vehicle turned the corner and officers attempted a pit manuever several times before spinning out the sedan. One police vehicle side swiped the car as another unit smashed into the front assuring that it wasn't going anywhere. Officers from the side who were securing the crown drew their weapons aiming at the suspect immediately shutting down the chase.

All of the action was caught from Kansas City local news chopper.

Also, a ground camera man captured the action from afar.

Kansas City Police tweeted an update: "Two suspects in custody. Resume celebrating!"

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