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People risk their lives for cheese

What in the world is going on here?
28 May 2019 – 1:01 PM EDT

Capture the rolling cheese wheel at any cost, even risking your life. At the annual Gloucestershire cheese rolling festival in England people have broken their leg, fractured their spine and a lot have sprained their ankles.

28-year-old Flo Early won the women's race for the fourth time and announced her retirement from future cheese races.

"If you go fast from the beginning the hill will do the rest" said Early.

The tradition of cheese rolling has originated to celebrate the return of spring during the banked holiday for years upon years. It was cancelled in 2009 due to health and safety after more than 15,000 people turned up to the event.

Police issued a warning for the event to use a lightweight foam cheese instead of the actual genuine cheese wheel. The race has attracted tons of media crews from around the world including Netflix to do a documentary on the event.

Last years' winner and the winner for the past 22 years, Chris Anderson didn't participate this year due to being on vacation.