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From the Census to Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Univision’s Work Is Ensuring Hispanic America Is Seen, Heard, and Counted

In 2018, we not only saw the most diverse Congress in history be elected but also record Hispanic voter turnout across multiple states.
31 Jul 2019 – 06:03 PM EDT

As the leading Hispanic media company in the U.S., Univision’s DNA is imbued with service, engagement, and advocacy for our audience. This year, we’ve already publicly participated in the effort to eliminate the citizenship question from the Census by filing amicus briefs in trial courts and at the Supreme Court, demonstrated the importance of Hispanic voters in crucial states, and educated many eligible individuals on how to become a citizen and how to vote. In 2020, two watershed moments for our community will occur simultaneously: the once-a-decade Census and the 2020 election for offices from president to city councilman.

Much is at stake for our community in the upcoming Census. Necessary federal funds to help improve education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other important parts of our day to day lives depend on accurate Census data so each community receives its fair share of these important dollars. Similarly, many businesses use Census data to hire workers and help place brick and mortar stores or other crucial business operations. If our community does not participate in record numbers and fill out Census forms, we could potentially lose jobs and millions of dollars in economic opportunity. Finally, and importantly, the Census is used to allocate political representation in the House of Representatives and state legislatures across the country. The more people who complete and return their Census form, the more our community’s voice will be heard in Washington, DC and state capitals across the country.

Since its founding, Univision has been at the forefront of civic engagement. Our Cuenta Conmigo (Count With Me) Census campaign is focused on educating Hispanic America on why filling out and returning their Census forms is a crucial activity to ensure each local community receives adequate funding and appropriate political representation. Univision has included integrations in programming such as the reality television show featuring youth, PequeñosGigantes (Little Giants), providing explanations on what the Census is and urging our audience to complete it in order to ensure a fair and accurate count. OurVota Conmigo (Vote With Me) campaign is capitalizing on its success last year by working with our partners to register and mobilize new voters so that every eligible person is able to have his or her voice heard at the polls. We’re accomplishing this through activations, voter registration drives with local supervisors of elections, parties at the polls, news coverage and a slew of digital assets that help voters determine which contests are on their ballot and what their choices mean for the policies that impact us all.

In 2018, we not only saw the most diverse Congress in history be elected but also record Hispanic voter turnout across multiple states. Hispanic voter turnout doubled or tripled among various age groups in many crucial states and Latinos were a key factor in voter registration growth in places that are politically significant. Our community made its voice heard loud and clear last year on matters related to education, immigration, healthcare, and a litany of other political issues that impact our day to day lives. Now, looking forward, our community has an opportunity to make a substantial difference again in our nation’s political landscape.

2020 will be a decisive year for each member of Hispanic America. The Census will determine how many Members of Congress represent us and how much funding is received for healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other important priorities. The election will determine which policies that impact our community are implemented at the federal, state, and local levels. We cannot and should not be complacent. Univision is proud to continue to lead the way on civic engagement in order to help ensure Hispanic America is seen, heard, and counted in 2020.

Jessica Herrera-Flanigan is Executive Vice President of Government and Corporate Affairs for Univision Communications Inc.