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Costa Rican President Oscar Arias and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega...
Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias says Trump's Israeli policy echoes Reagan's folly in Central America
Arias thinks Trump is similarly undermining the possibility for a negotiated peace deal in the Middle East, and predicts the U.S. president's rash behavior will marginalize his government the same way Reagan's policy toward Central America did 30 years ago.
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Private Armies: A Colombian mercenary in the Persian Gulf opens up about this secretive business
The Colombian soldier Mauricio Calvo shares his experience as part of a burgeoning industry of men who travel the world to fight in other people's wars.
Shakira transferred her musical rights to Malta, valued at $35 million
The singer appears as a Bahamas tax resident and her attorney upholds the transparency of the legal mechanism.
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Big U.S. political donors play the offshore game
A leak of offshore records provides a glimpse into the finances of Republican and Democratic contributors – including a banking magnate who quietly held an ownership stake in an embattled payday lender.
How almost 400 journalists around the world collaborated on Paradise Papers
On Sunday, barely a year after the Panama Papers scandal broke, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) announced another anonymous leak of documents, this time from a law firm in Bermuda. Journalists began working on the documents in secret in March after a meeting of media partners in Munich, Germany.
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In photos: 20 facts about the Paradise Papers leak
Here is a pictorial summary of how the Paradise Papers leak came into the hands of journalists and what it revealed.
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Leaked documents expose secret tale of Apple’s offshore island hop
Elite tax advisers help Apple Inc. and other corporate giants skirt impacts of crackdown on 'Double Irish' maneuvers.
Offshore gurus help rich avoid taxes on jets and yachts
Buying a $27-million private jet or plush mega-yacht means millions in sales taxes — unless you know the right pro.
Nike stays ahead of the regulators
When one tax loophole closes, another opens. A flow of trademark royalties had helped Nike build a $6.6 billion pile of cash offshore by June 2014. This sum had been taxed at just 3 percent outside the United States. And because it remained offshore, it had yielded no U.S. tax at all.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has business ties with Venezuela's PDVSA, despite U.S. sanctions
Venezuela's state oil company is a client of Navigator Holding, of which Ross has been a shareholder since 2011.
‘Offshore Magic Circle’ law firm has record of compliance failures
Secret stash of documents provide inside view of storied Bermuda-headquartered legal practice.
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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross benefits from business ties to Putin’s inner circle
Trump cabinet member retains a stake in company that provides shipping for Putin son-in-law and sanctioned oligarchs
Un cartel de Justin Trudeau en una calle de Montreal, Canadá, en...
Justin Trudeau’s chief fundraiser linked to offshore tax maneuvers, records show
Long-standing offshore ties of the Liberal Party moneyman and his famous family provide jarring contrast to Canadian prime minister’s campaign for tax fairness
Offshore trove exposes Trump-Russia links and piggy banks of the wealthiest 1 percent
A new leak of confidential records reveals the financial hideaways of iconic brands and power brokers across the political spectrum
Bermuda: how a quiet island became an offshore financial paradise
The tiny British island is a major hub for the super-rich and multinational corporations, who use its tax-free offshore financial system to hide their wealth.