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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 7 de febrero, 2021

8 Feb 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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>> lets get to the point, "al punto."ambassador jacobson talks to us about separating children by thetrump administration. is this the biggest challenge ofyour career? we are also told about bidensimmigration plan. >> these are the tactics ofabusers. >> alexandria ocasio-corteztells us how she feared for her life and shares something verypersonal. puerto rico has a new governor.we speak with pedro pierluisi about where he will begin.mariana sanchez was murdered in mexico and her mother says sheis working to find the murderer. john leg was on most sayswyatts crew -- john leguizam o --the queen of rock, alejandra guzmán speaks to us about thepandemic in mexico and her new single.we begin now. ♪>> lets get to the point. "al punto" with jorge ramos.♪ >> lets get to the point, "alpunto." many things are changing on theborder. president joe biden signed anorder to reunite over 600 children separated from theirparents. he will be investing a lot ofmoney into central america, so their inhabitants will not haveto come north. he is reviewing all immigrationorders issued by president trump.mexico will no longer welcome immigrants seeking asylum in theunited states from central america.alejandro mayorkas also became the new director of homelandsecurity, the first latino to have this role.biden is also nominating a former u.s. ambassador to mexicoto be in charge of the border. ambassador roberto jacobson iswith us now -- roberto jacobson is with us now.let me begin with the most dramatic are you going to reunite a proximally 600 childrenseparated from their parents? >> as you know, that is anenormous challenge and very difficult because there weremany cases where we did not have good files and we dont havemuch information. that is why we have a task forceworking on family reunification. we need all the information thecommunity has in general. >> what is going to happen tothe tens of thousands of central american refugees who want toenter the united states to request asylum but during thetrump administration were forced to remain in mexico?will the united states welcome them?>> so far, what we have said is that we are not -- we are notsigning up any more people to remain in mexico.for the people who have already been enrolled, and have anasylum request, we will process them as quickly as possible,because we know that many of them have had to wait a longtime. not just months but even years.we are designing a system to process the cases of people whoare at the border and came here looking for asylum.>> ambassador, do you think this is sending a message to centralamerica, el salvador, under arrest, that the border betweenmexico and the u.s. is open to them?does this worry you? >> i do not think that is thecorrect message, because the truth is that the border is notopen. the border situation has notchanged much so far, and the message that we want to havereached central america and other placess please do notcome to the border in an irregular fashion now.we will implement measures to process people who are seekingasylum, etc. and we will have more ways, more legal paths towork in the united states. >> ambassador, one of the maincritics of the mexican president, andrés manuel lópezobrador is that mexico will become the immigration policefor mexico, that mexico was the wall for donald trump.there are several countries that have reached agreements withdonald trump. do you think mexico and centralamerica will stop immigrants who want to come to the u.s.?>> we are closely working with the governments of mexico,guatemala, hon doris and others. -- honduras and others.what we want to do is work together, in ensuring those whoare exploiting the desperation of immigrants, like criminals,traffickers, we are focusing on them.maybe less on the immigrants themselves.we also have the situation, we are in the middle of a pandemic.we need to act in a way that can maintain public health, but whatwe want is for all of us to cooperate in a way for us tomake sure there will be other ways of coming to the unitedstates or other ways of escaping violence and seeking asylum orlooking for work. that is why we are proposingother measures. for instance, there is a programfor central american minors, 1400 young people will be ableto come to the united states in a legal and safe way.there were thousands who had been approved, but when thetrump administration ended, we looked at them too.there are options for people to remain in their country, whileseeking an opportunity to come to the united states legally.>> ambassador, before you go, is this the biggest challenge ofyour career? >> that is a good question.i dont know if it is the biggest might be. the most important thing is thatit affects thousands and thousands of people.fathers and mothers, children, and people who truly have nohope. what we want to offer is notjust hope, but also help. i dont know if it is thebiggest challenge, but it is the challenge that most touches meas a mother, and i feel a deep responsibility.>> the lives of thousands of people depend on you.thank you for being with us. lets now hear the other pointof view. what do republicans think of joebidens ambitious immigration reform agenda?will they help him or block him? -- is the president of thelatino partnership for conservative principles.thank you for being on the show. >> it is a pleasure being here.>> you know how republicans think, and i wonder if there iswillingness with republicans to help joe biden legalize 11million immigrants, or is that too much?is there not a bipartisan way of approving such a big project?>> first of all, to accomplish comprehensive immigrationreform, we need bipartisanship. i think republicans are open toit. the problem is that the bidenadministration is moving toward the extreme left when it comesto immigration. weakening security measures onthe border, such as not building portions of the wall.we are not talking about a few thousand mile wall, butstrategic building. not wanting to deport people for100 days, eliminating private detention centers.these types of measures that used to be -- used to havedemocratic approval have made it very hard to get bipartisansupport, so i think that the project now is stillborn.i think what president biden needs to do is reestablish trustin this area. 15 years ago there was aconsensus. there were measures thateveryone acknowledged were commonsense measures, but now itseems like that is -- that does not exist.>> perhaps the question is where to begin.i understand that perhaps for republicans, it is too much tolegalize millions of immigrants, so do you think there is a wayof approving a smaller program, like something for dreamers orfarmworkers? something smaller like that?>> honestly i think so. the president has said he iswilling to do this in different pieces, so i think the projectmight be to legalize or give a step toward citizenship todreamers or people who have benefited from -- this is asmall country that could open the door for legislation andother topics. >> do you think that republicanssee joe biden as the anti-trump? he has done everything trump isrefusing to do, like reuniting families, exceptingasylum-seekers to apply for asylum in the u.s.>> i think it is more than being anti-trump.he is taking measures, dismantling measures thatdemocrats used to support. this is part of a package, andwe believe in comprehensive immigration is important to look at a pathway to citizenship, but alsoborder security and what president biden is doing isdismantling those security measures that had democratic andrepublican support. he is not deporting people for100 days. he says there wont be privatedetention centers. these things are important toguarantee security on the border, and to dissuadeimmigrants from making that dangerous trip to the southernborder. by doing that, it will bedifficult to convince republicans to work with them,to achieve a broader reform. i think it is president bidenwho is shirking his responsible tease to create an environmentfor consensus -- his responsibilities to create anenvironment for consensus. so far, he has done addition to the measures he has made affecting the border,he has nothing -- he has done nothing to reach republicanlegislators, nothing to talk of out immigration, to try andcreate this consensus. >> thank you for being here.>> it is a pleasure. >> were going to leave theimmigration question here. the senate is preparing for thetrial of x president donald trump.congresswoman alexander year -- alexandria ocasio-cortez spokeof her dramatic experience in the capitol building.on instagram, she described how she feared for her life in thecapital was invaded. >> i am at a 10, i am a full 10,fight or flight. i thought i was going to dielike 10 minutes ago. then i thought i was going todie again because i fully expected that by this point, thebuilding had been breached, and they were people walking thehallways. this is what i fully expected tobe having gone on at that moment.outside of this hallway alone, i am standing on the story and iam fully expecting one of these insurrectionists to turn thecorner with the gun -- with a gun.>> the congresswoman continued explaining, that the attackbrought forward a previous trauma and that she is a sexualassault survivor. >> the reason i say this, andthe reason i am so emotional is because these folks who tell usto move on, that it is not a big deal, that we should forget whathas happened, or that even telling us to apologize.these are the same tactics of abusers.i am a survivor of sexual assault.i havent told many people that, in my life.but when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other.>> this is a statement from congresswoman alexandriaocasio-cortez. the trial against donald trumpin the senate begins this tuesday.we will take a break. when we return, we have aninterview with the new governor of puerto rico.pedro pierluisi tells us where he wants to begin and alejandraguzmán tells us about her dark side.hc♪ >> this is the news.>> ecuadorians are picking a new president today.the favorite is supported by the former president.tuesday begins the senate trial against president donald trump,who will not be testifying. democrats accuse him of incitinginsurrection on january 6, when his supporters assaulted thecapitol building. president biden is eliminatingsome presidential orders affecting central america.a court of appeals decided that people with tps will not be ableto pursue citizenship because they did not enter the countrylegally. we continue now, with jorgeramos. ♪>> puerto rico has a new governor, and a long line ofchallenges. the island is still recoveringfrom a hurricane, and has a history of corruption and apandemic that is happening now. we invited the new governor,pierluisi -- the new governor, pedro pierluisi.thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for hosting.>> it is difficult to think of another governor arriving at aplace with as many problems as puerto rico has now.when you arrived, you signed six executive orders.what is your priority? >> first of all, reconstructionthat is still pending. we have a lot of federal funds,from the united states government to reconstruct puertorico after hurricane maria. we also have the earthquakes onthe southern part of the island last year, and the pandemic thathas affected all of the united states, including puerto is important that we use these funds to improve ourelectric grid, our infrastructure, our roads, italso to give housing and safe schools to our people andstudents. so that is the first priority,and i have to say that it is also important that we solvepuerto ricos financial problems , so that investment in puertorico improves. we need to attract investment,so the puerto rico can grow again.>> are there enough vaccines? >> the goal of president bidenis that we have heard immunity by the end of the summer -- herdimmunity by the end of the summer.vaccines are coming, based on our share of the population, butwe certainly need more vaccines to reach that goal.when the united states health department monitors this, puertorico is among the first jurisdictions in the -- in thecountry in the distribution and administration of thesevaccines. we are also undergoing massivetesting throughout puerto rico, and we have orders.i just announced a new executive order that is very restrictive,among the most in the country. fortunately, the fatality rateis lower than in the vast majority of jurisdictions in theunited states. it is important to not let ourguard down, keep using face masks and disinfectants andavoiding large gatherings, maintaining social distancing.we are doing all of those things to defeat this pandemic, thathas hit the country, the whole world so hard.>> i wanted to ask something a bit more are you able to maintain credit ability, -- credibility,when you reached the governorship with the lowestapproval rating of any governor. there are some who still linkyou to governor rossello. they name you as theirsuccessor. >> we had six candidates for thegovernorship. we were going to have aplurality. the difference between me andthe next runner-up was not that big.weve had bigger differences in the past.the important thing is what i might do as a governor in thesenext four years. i want to focus on the work thatpuerto rico expects. i have also been clear to thelegislative assembly, that we need to focus on what unites us,and we need to establish good communication with legislativeleaders. the team i have presented to thepeople, to assist me, the cabinet, these are experiencedpeople. i think what was missing wasmaturity in the government, and certainly that is what we havebeen accomplishing so far. as far as the former governor,yes, we belong to the same political party and in themiddle of that crisis, never before seen, he asked me toreplace him. remember, that four years ago,more than four years ago, i had run for the governorship againstthe governor in a hard-fought primary.i was as you say in english, the roman up.-- the runner-up. he asked the runner-up toreplace him. >> thank you for being with usand for talking to "al punotto." from puerto rico, we go tomexico.unto con jorge ramos♪ >> we are hearing the song,"lado oscuro." it is the new song fromalejandra guzmán. known as the queen of rock, shehas sold millions of records. she has a latino grand me.-- grammy. we invited alejandra to speakwith us. these days, nobody gets awaywith not talking about the pandemic.thank you for being with us and for being willing to suck --for being willing to talk about your dark even sing about it. i hope you dont mind if i askyou, how is mexico? it is in the middle of aterrible crisis because of coronavirus.i dont know what -- how you think president lópez obradorhas done. >> there has been very littleinformation, and i hope that the people of mexico who i see donot -- particularly people in hospitals.without them, we cannot defend ourselves.i applaud the teams of doctors and nurses, because they aredoing things with their hearts open and helping people, and weneed more support. >> will you get the vaccine,alejandra? >> i have thought about this.i dont know if i have already had it, because i have beentraveling to miami frequently for the past two years.i think i may have had it, because i was very sick, and ithink i may have had it. >> as protection, do you use aface mask? >> yes, everywhere ago, exceptwhen i am in front of -- everywhere i go, except when iam in front of a camera. i try to maintain physicaldistance. i take all of the precautions.i am not sure if i should get the vaccine, because i also havesome problems with my body. i dont know if it will affectmy immune system. >> thank you for talking aboutthat. "lado oscuro" is your new song.i was reading the lyrics. >> i am not and in joel -- i amnot an angel. nobody taught me how to fly.i am not perfect. i am learning how to is impossible to touch the sky without touching the bottomfirst. >> where did this come from?>> i have learned that when you hit bottom, you find yourstrength. i have had to hit bottom beforebeing able to get ahead in many different ways, and we all needto embrace that dark side instead of hiding it, becausenow we are so in touch with ourselves.many things like our fears and are demons, many other things.but i embrace my demons and made peace with them, and i think iknow myself better, after having faced them.that is what i want to say in this song.i talk about myself, my experiences.i have learned that good things and bad things dont lastforever. you need to experience themoment. i want to be nothing more than apoet of craziness. i am still the same person, inessence, but life has taught me how to love myself, how to takecare of myself. that is why i am able to writeabout that. >> you have always beenrebellious, and now i get the impression you are showing us avulnerable side. not just because of problemswith depression and your history with cancer.i dont know if you are getting strength from that, or if youare saying i am opening myself up in that is how it is.>> you need to be brave, to face things and accept your mistakes,and pull out the best you can. pull out the good that is insideof you. there will always be a darkside, and it is fine to face it -- now -- and now i think it istime to face it. this pandemic has taught me i amgood at cooking and a lot of other things i didnt knowabout. take a chance and other things we dont normally do.>> i had the time to listen to some of your other songs, andperhaps the closest thing to "lado oscuro" is when you wrote,i can see how fear penetrates my skin.that song, i think came from the opened up and you were very vulnerable.>> i wrote that song when i found out i had spread very rapidly. part of my right breast wasremoved. i have been very radical and ihave allowed -- i wasnt working and instead of trying to savesomething that couldnt be saved, i think it is healthiersometimes to just cut something off entirely.that is me. i think everybody decides whatthey want for their body. we need to allow doctors to dotheir work, and we need to fight to be healthy, because that ishow you heal. >> i dont want to ask your age,.,why not -- >> why not? >> are you thinking about death?are you afraid of not being young anymore?>> no. i am not worried about that,because i see how my mother ages.youve got to carry your age going to turn 53, and im proud.i did a series where i show my body, and im proud i can dothat at the age of 52, without so many limitations.i want other women to see themselves as beautiful, even iftheir bodies are filled with scars.i am very proud of that now, and i love myself more now, then idid before -- than i did before. >> we will leave it there.the irony is that people dont know you are in miami and i amin miami. the pandemic prevents us frominterviewing you in person. we hope to do that soon.thank you for speaking openly and honestly.>> likewise. >> when we return, she was 25years old and a medical student. she says she -- but she waskilled and her mother is accusing someone of sexualharassment.>> not one more, not one more. >> a young medical student hasbecome a victim of feminicide. marianna sanchez had madeaccusations of sexual harassment, but no one paidattention. her mother, maria de lourdesdávalos is with us now. thank you for being with us, andi am sorry for what happened to your daughter.we appreciate you having the strength to denounce whathappened. >> thank you for the space andfor listening to me. >> what happened to mariana?>> the worst that can happen to somebody, at that age and inthat situation. her life was cut short.her dreams, her plans were cut the age of 25, they did not allow her to continue living.they took her life. >> she was studying medicine.she went to ocosingo, to do her professional service.she would call you on the phone. what would she say to you?>> at the beginning, when she first arrived, she did tell meanything -- everything that was happening, what conditions theplace was in and where she had been assigned to.>> far from home? how far away?>> about eight hours. >> eight hours.>> but she needed to be there because she studied medicine.>> she had finished medicine. she had done her internship inmonterey, and now she was doing her public service stop >> iunderstand there was very little internet access but in the fewcases when she spoke with you, what would she say to you?>> she would begin expressing fear to me.each time we talked, it was more nervous and more fearful.she started telling me she was being harassed.there was a man who was harassing her.he would drink at night, a fellow doctor.>> did she tell anyone about this?>> she did. she requested a transfer and shewas told that unless something happened to her, they wouldntreassign her. >> that is what they said toher? unless something happened?>> that is right. unless something happened, theywould not reassign her. >> and that is what happened.the state prosecutor said there is no criminal accusation ofsexual harassment required. that is what they said.>> there is documentation of this because the first thing shedid was complain and say who did this.>> do you think you know who killed her?>> i have a suspect in mind, but the investigation has to happen.>> why was marianas body cremated?>> everything happened so quickly, i had little chance tosay goodbye and they told me they were going to take her tothe crematorium. i wanted to say goodbye, but ididnt have the opportunity. they took her away very quickly.when i got to the entrance of the crematorium, she had alreadybeen cremated. >> in the first year of thelópez obrador administration, there were 900 you think her death was one? >> i cant say.>> is it dangerous to be a woman in mexico?>> it is dangerous to be a woman and to be a man.especially here in chiapas. the situation here is dangerous.but it is more dangerous being a woman.>> do you trust that the responsible party will be found?overnight it was said of crimes in mexico -- go unsolved.>> i want to trust that we will know who was responsible, andalso i am demanding that justice be made, because i am talkingabout the people that mariana asked for help, like her boss atthe clinic who ignored her. mariana felt completely helplessand very vulnerable. she was completely abandoned.>> thank you for speaking with us.we are very sorry. >> thank you.>> when we return, the creation of a national museum for ramos♪ >> john leguizamo is manythings. actor, comedian, and even achess player. what few people know is the innormas effort he put into -- the enormous effort he put intothe national museum of the american still needs to be built, and john joins us from london.thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for having is always a source of pride to be here.>> in a moment, we will talk about the latino museum, and theimportance of having a museum. i want to ask about politics.we have experienced four years of donald trump.what is the legacy of donald trump?>> the important thing is to undo the legacy of trump.everything bad he has done. the way he behaved.we need to fix the country. we need to heal the country, andi think biden can do that. >> let me ask you about joebiden. he is negotiating withrepublicans to give more aid to people in the united states,negotiate an immigration agreement.should joe biden and the democrats talked to republicans,or as i saw one of your comments, dont want anynegotiation. >> we need to talk to them, butif they dont want to help or participate, they can go youknow where. this thing needs to pass.we need to help people who are suffering.there are people who need money. we cant negotiate very long.this needs to go now. if they dont want to come tothe table, we will do it without them.>> john, we are almost 20% of the population, 60 millionlatinos, we will be over 100 million in 30 years.why dont we have a national museum for us yet?>> the museum was approved and what needs to happen is we needto find $350 million in funding. that is what we need to do.the important thing is that were the largest ethnic groupin the united dates. -- united states.we are the second oldest group in the united states, afterindigenous people. not having a museum is a crime.this country would not exist without us, our contributions,scientific contributions, we invented the artificial heart,the electric brake, the contraceptive pill.we are the only ethnic group that has fought in every war inthe united states, and has the greatest number of medals ofhonor. >> critics say that if latinosare so important, they can be a part of other museums.why spend so much money to create an -- create a museumjust for ourselves? >> because our contributions aregigantic. we are not a minority that justarrived to the country. we discovered the united states.we have been here for 500 years. we have contributed much.we have suffered a lot. all of that needs to be in themuseum, so that my children and my grandchildren and mygreat-grandchildren can go to the museum and see how importantour legacy and our contributions to this country have been.>> john, let me change the subject.i know you are in london. how have you been impacted bythe pandemic. it looks like 2021 is not ashopeful as we had expected. >> of course it affected me.i started working more at the end of the year.i started filming commercials at the end of the year.i am filming a television series here, now.the hollywood industry knows how to function with covid, becausewe get tested every day. we need to be negative, we getour temperatures checked twice a day, and we are wearing masks.there is fresh air and you are six feet away from everybody.nobody gets infected and we are able to work.>> do you think that the way we consume movies, televisionseries, podcasts, do you think all of that will change?>> they are trying to protect theaters because a lot of movietheaters are failing, and broadway theaters too.i hope you can get it all back -- i hope we can get it allback. humans need social contact.we enjoy events with large groups.i think film needs that and theater needs that.>> john, thank you for speaking with us.>> it is always a pleasure. >> the government wants to senda check to help with the crisis, caused by the pandemic.and now, says armenias -- cesar munos sets that to music.>>♪ ♪>> thank you. as you know, you can listen toour podcast and you can also reach our videos follow us on facebook, instagramand twitter. thank you.

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