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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 3 de enero, 2021

4 Ene 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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>> lets get to the point. "al punto."a special edition of the best celebrity was supposed to be a great year for javier hernandez, buthis debut with the los angeles galaxy was not what wasexpected. jay valid is with us, he hadcovid-19 and the midst of this crisis, he released a new album.can music be separated from politics, and it comes to thecuban dictatorship? we asked the singer pit bull.also. ♪>> -- has a new song. he tells us how music has made-- was made in puerto rico in the middle of a pandemic.we are joined by -- we talk about success in themiddle of a pandemic and why he sleeps with his cell phone.the new mission of the singer to send positive messages.we begin. ♪>> lets get to the point. "al punto" with jorge ramos.>> lets get to the point. "al punto."todays program has the best interviewers with performance --with performers and athletes. it was a difficult year for thestar, javier hernandez, who began the season playing withthe los angeles galaxy. i did not have the resultspeople expected. he was injured.i traveled to los angeles in march before the pandemic tointerview him. he arrived alone, driving hisown car, feeling confident and willing to do you -- how did you make the decision to come to theunited states after a great time in europe?>> there are many factors. ive got a son and a family.this offer came at the age of 31.i still feel i have a lot to give to soccer at a high level.things in europe, i wasnt willing -- if you call it,sacrifice, pay the price, for things that were outside of myreach. im not saying i am better orworse than anybody, but i tried to give to my -- tried to givemy all to this profession. >> did you make the decisionbecause of money? did you come to los angelesbecause of money? >> it was not the first reason.the truth is this was a decision , when i asked myself why did icome here, i said why not? there is so much positive i seein this city, with the best team in the mls.the league has grown, with everything they can see in me,that i can contribute, not just to the team, but to the i am valued. tunic cert -- to a certain stent-- to a certain extent, maybe even more than the amount i amvalued here. >> why not?>> i remember a video in which you called your father, you have9 million followers on twitter, millions more on told your father, dad, this time is over.>> i just want to talk to you. im going to los angeles.everything is fine, father. everything is fine, everythingis perfect. it is the beginning of startingto retire. >> many people were startledwhen you used the word retirement.are you coming to retire here? >> i did not come here toretire. i mentioned it because obviouslyit is closer. i am 31 years old.i gave it as an example. i admire lebron james very much.he is in his, what, 18th season? he is older than me.i can tell you obviously, retirement is closer, but idont want to retire. >> are you thinking about alegacy? in the press conference, it wascontroversial, you mentioned saying you were alleged.>> when i returned, i returned as a legend of mexican soccer.whether i could have done more or not, i did everything thatwas in my hands. >> are you thinking about that?>> no. it makes me laugh, because ihave tried to express it. >> it was controversial.>> i also mentioned that an interview, when i made theitalian goal. >> do you consider yourself asoccer legend? >> it is not so much i considermyself a soccer legend. i am the best version of myself,trying to be the best player i can get to where i was, i had to believe i was at the same levelor better than other players. i always feel i am better thanother players. in terms of soccer, because itis competition. if i dont think i can be thebest, i am limiting myself. i am not seeing beyond.i mentioned that. >> people are going to say youare not humble enough. >> you more than anyone, youknow what the word humility means.the meaning i give it, and i may be done, but i dont want tofeel more or less than anybody else.>> before he died, kobe bryant spoke very highly of you.he was very happy you were coming to play in los angeles.what do you remember, having seen of kobe bryant, because younever met him in person. >> i never did.>> what makes somebody a great in sports?>> something i have noticed in the world is how a human being,doing what he most loved doing, playing basketball, he talkedabout his legacy, his mentality. >> the mentality of a winter.>> exactly. i identify with that.i think it is what everybody identifies with.we want to remember, value that. what he did, is beyond talent. you have to work.all the talent in the world, if you dont have that mentality,it is not enough. people criticized him a lot,because he never had the same talent as michael jordan ormagic johnson or extraordinary players.but he had, and i compare myself to him, we may not have been themost talented, but we are the hardest workers.>> two things that have almost nothing to do with sports, andif you dont want to talk about this, tell me.when you play, and fans yell out [bleep], how do you react?what should we do? >> what fans do isnt meant toinsult -- they are enthusiastic. we need to get in the shoes of-- there are things that are very is not that we are involved. we want to live in the city andin this town and in this need to understand it is something that a lot of peoplehave suffered, their entire lives and if that helps a littlebit, even if you dont fully understand it, if it can helpsomeone, why not? why not do that?why not refrain from doing that? >> thank you, javier.>> thank you, it is a pleasure. >> when we return, j balvins higthe population. in colorado, theyre going tobegin vaccinating prisoners before the general population.♪ >> that is part of the video forthe song by j balvin. the superstar has had a verybusy year. he had to recover fromcoronavirus, which infected him at the end of the summer.his new album is called "colores ."i spoke with him in his home. it is a pleasure to speak withyou. thanks for being with us.>> thanks very much. >> at a very difficult time,when -- how did you decide to release an album in the middleof the coronavirus pandemic? >> i had to set aside thecompetitive spirit, trying to always reinvent myself in termsof sales and breaking records. the situation is very different,now. i think it is important torelease an album that comes from the heart, because of what isgoing on, and that is what we did.we released the album because i think people need colors at thismoment, they need good vibes, entertainment.i think that could not have come at a better time than this.>> it is interesting you are saying that, that this is thebest time to do that. some would say this is a verycomplicated time. somebody hears the song anddecided what will they hear? what would they feel?>> what they are going to feel is a very happy has a clear message as to what is going on right now.we are going to enjoy what we have and it is a song that has aspectacular video. the concept is about enjoyinglife. >> before we started theinterview, i mentioned i had the privilege of hearing you live ine visa. who wouldve thought that 2019would be paradise, but you said no, just wait for what iscoming. >> yes, 100%.ive been thinking about how great the future is going to be,how people are going to value their health more.theyre going to value the people they have around them.they are going to enjoy things more, and the party is going tobe incredible. .>> there are a couple ways to think about is to include the topic of the coronavirus and your music,other musicians prefer not mentioning that topic and dosomething different. what direction are you takingit? >> what is happening now is avery serious problem. the clearest information is inthe hands of scientists and experts, but according to what iknow, it is reality. this is what is happening, andthis is how we should face it. >> do you think that sooner orlater, this will show up in your music?this crisis will show up in your music?>> of course. i think that all of us areaffected by different colors in our lives.right now we are going through a gray period, but there will beblue periods, yellow periods, reds and greens.i think everything passes and this too will pass.>> in the music industry, what are you hearing?are people planning two or three months in advance?are you planning six to eight months in advance?the people you deal with, how are they seeing this pandemic?>> what is happening is we went through very difficult times,the darkest i have seen. here in columbia, in general.we obviously know it is going to take time.>> you are right. we will finish there.i always say there is no happier party than with colombians,because you know how difficult it had a time of violence and war and drug trafficking.we will all get through this. thank you for speaking with us,and for giving us so much color. >> thank you very much.blessings. listen to my new album, "colores,." >> thank you for those colors.when we return, pit bull sits with us.>> this year, i had the opportunity to converse withpitbull. instead of talking aboutpolitics -- instead of talking about music, we spoke aboutpolitics and why he supported the group gente de zona.they had not broken with the castro regime, something theydid later in 2020. this is what pitbull told us.>> armando, thank you for speaking with us.let me get straight to the point.were you wrong in supporting gente de zona?>> i wasnt supporting gente de zona.>> i want to send greetings to gente de zona.>> i think that music and politics, when they combine,there is a reason these conversations happen.let me talk about what happened with gente de zona.what happens in cuba happens in cuba and what happens in miamihappens in miami. sometimes i dont know what isgoing on because i am traveling the world.>> your mother came here with pedro?>> yes, my father came from the sierra and we had to figure outhow to resolve this. my aunt was a politicalprisoner. we are connected to cubanculture. >> the mayor of miami, francissuarez said he had seen how the grandson of raul castro wasdancing at a gente de zona concert.>> i didnt know any of that. >> people interpreted that assupport for gente de zona. >> i am here to unite, notdivide. if we are talking aboutdemocracy, we are talking about freedom.let people vote, if they want to see gente de zona or not.i didnt have a chance to create a solution.look, this community is very upset at what you did, a budont fully understand what you are doing, because you haventbeen educated as to what is going on -- maybe you dontfully understand what you are doing, because you havent beeneducated as to what is going on. >> many people are veryuncomfortable. >> i say if you areuncomfortable, sit with the performers and talk with them.>> but perhaps the question is, did you understand the pain ofthe cuban community in miami? >> i understand it.>> your parents are exiles and you were born here.>> that is part of the conversation, but i alsounderstand that two wrongs dont make a right.when some but he does something wrong and somebody else does thesame thing to that person, what is the solution?>> but is it correct to play in cuba with the support of thedictatorship, and then play in miami?is that fair? >> if you sit down and talklogically, you need to have -- you need to stand up forsomething, i get that. what happens in cuba happens incuba, can you understand? >> but can you perform in bothplaces? >> i am not in agreement withthat. >> you have colleagues that havemade sharp critiques. -- said you cant simultaneouslyfeel the pain of your people, and then hang out with peoplewho are causing that pain. somebody else said i had no ideathat pitbull could offend the exiled community so much.>> i didnt offend anybody. sending a greeting is nowoffending people? will each reno is somebody iadmire. i am sorry if i let you down.i admire him. he is my fathers favoriteperformer. he is a great person for cubanculture, but like he says, nobody can take that from you.being cuban-american is something nobody can take fromme. being from miami, nobody cantake that from me. arturo sandoval, im sorry ifyou see it that way. i didnt do anything wrong.i didnt do my homework. i messed up.i was trying to unite, not divide people.>> would you accept on your stage, the grandson of adictator? >> know i would not do that.-- no, i would not do that. >> would you say our president-- do you think you lost the pulseof what was happening in miami? >> never.>> so you understand the pain? >> i understand.>> you understand what people feel?>> i understand, but i didnt do anything tell you the truth, it hurts me.i go around the world representing miami and cubanculture and all latinos, anyway that is sophisticated, takinglatin culture to another level. you know what hurts me?that one day, the city can turn its back on you.nobody sat down to talk, nobody said you are here to tell you, i did not do my homework and i made amistake. >> did you want to apologize?>> look, im sorry. arturo sandoval, im sorry.>> miami? >> miami, im sorry for lovingyou much -- loving you so much, for trying to unite sorry, miami, that im going around the world representing305, dade county, born and raised, im sorry.>> the official press in cuba is calling miami the city of hatredbecause of all this controversy. >> like i said, im here tounite, not divide. people find solutions,communicating. >> do you think gente de zonadid not know what they were doing?>> in miami, i dont think they know what they are doing.they dont understand the culture maybe we dont understand the culture in cuba right now,but that was in cuba. we know the answer now.but also, they need to deal with that now.what happens if they dont do it?they wouldnt play in cuba. >> maybe their family getskilled? that is what people in the exilecommunity feel. >> i cannot make that decision,because i am not there. if they did it strategically,then these strategy was -- then the strategy was wrong.ive got a message from alexander, saying i am sorrythis is all happening, and i dont really understand this.>> would you recommend that they talk and explain what happened?>> i think they should. >> why did you accept thisinterview? what did you want to say?>> i need to have a conversation with my aunt and my grandmother,with my father, my mother who is up there, because they know whati represent. everybody can make a the community and to miami, im here to unite, not divide. with that said, i am mr. 305,mr. worldwide, always are presenting dade county, miamiborn -- always representing dade county, miami born.w can take that away from me. >> armando, thank you forspeaking with us. >> thanks to you.>> when we return, the magic that happens>> we were listening to the new song from gilberto santa rosa,called "la familia." it is a joyous collaborationwith tito nieves. gilberto has been busy sincereleasing this album at the end of last year.he launched a christmas concert from his youtube channel, and hesays he is working on an album that will include some merengue.when we spoke, coronavirus had him trapped in puerto is a pleasure to talk to you. >> it is a pleasure to talk toyou. thank you very much.i am sending you a hug from puerto rico.>> i have seen the video. you had such a good time withtito nieves. that is not work.>> it isnt work, and it is not an ordinary collaboration,because he is my beloved brother.i consider tito part of my family.that is why i wanted him on this make music with your family, and he is a fun guy.he has a great sense of humor. we had a great time.>> we are showing the recording of the song.what is it like to record music during the pandemic?how can you maintain that social distance?>> this project was recorded before, but these days, we havebeen working on a new project, and we are taking the necessaryprecautions to be able to record music.>> how do you do it? >> the use of a face mask ismandatory. we have disinfectant.the studio gets disinfected every day.there is no contact at all. we still prefer going to thestudio and doing music together, because there is a magic thathappens when you are in the presence of somebody.>> in 2020, are you writing it up as a loss?when will you be able to do what you did in 2019?>> if it is like what we are used to, i think that may besummer of 2021. that can be a littlepessimistic, but i want to say that summer of 2021, we will beready. if im wrong, even better.>> you said that you were in columbia and when you arrived inpuerto rico, everything changed. >> when i got to colombia,before taking temperatures in the airport, people were takingit very seriously. when i got to puerto rico, therewas an unfortunate incident at a concert, where somebody wasinfected. it was a panamanian doctor whounfortunately died. that is where everything beganhere, that is when the authorities started takingaction. they tried to identify peoplewho had been infected and in terms of the tour, i arrived onthe ninth. we were supposed to leave on the12th. around the 10th, everything wascanceled. they started canceling all ofthe events. >> since then, you have remainedin your home in san juan. >> yes, here in san juan, puertorico. i became a grandfather in themiddle of the pandemic. i still have not been able tomeet my granddaughter physically.>> you havent been able to hug her?>> i havent been able to hug my granddaughter.i see her frequently. it was that same week, she wasborn on the 12th or the 13th. and since then, everything hasbeen through face time and all of these soon as i can, my first trip will be to meet mygranddaughter, and i will keep singing and making music.>> gilberto, i dont want to get you into any trouble.i followed closely the votes in puerto rico.a lot of changes in puerto rican a musician, what do you think?what is going on in your island? >> i think this year and thiselection, the youth vote will be very important.we will have to change the panorama and the votingtradition in puerto rico. i think with everything that ishappening this year, it has been difficult for everyone, butespecially puerto rico because i think that this will be ahistoric election. it is crucial for the future ofthe country, so i think that we should learn from all of this.>> and gilberto, i will leave you with this.thank you for being with us. and i will bet that over 2million people will sing "la familia.">> thank you very much. thank you for your time.>> when we return, we speak with♪ >> that is part of the song a"ayay ay," by christian nodal. he became noticed as a teenageron social media. he is a product of his age 21, he has a latin grammy and is a principal exponent ofmexican music. news broke that he was datingthe singer, belinda. when we talked in september, wedid not speak of her. >> christian, thank you forbeing on the show. >> thank you for the invitationand the opportunity. >> on the contrary.i was listening to "ay ay ay," and i was wondering how do youlaunch a song with over 26 million views during a pandemic?how do you make that decision? >> "ay ay ay" is a song thatshared a title with my album. i planned on releasing it thisyear but with the pandemic, i decided to release just half ofthe lp. >> how do you measure success,with this kind of song? if it werent during a pandemic,it would be very different. how do you know, now if a songis a hit? >> i have no idea.before i could tell what impact the song had on the public.but now, with numbers and views, it is not something that i thinkis a good reference point. >> do you think that 2020 is aloss? are you wondering if 2021 isalso a loss? everybody who would be at yourconcerts, hundreds of thousands of people cannot be there.when do you think you will be able to return to a normal lifeas a singer? >> i think that the priority ofshows is being put off, because there is no dates yet.we are all in the same situation, waiting for all ofthis coronavirus situation to be resolved, so we can get back towork. >> during my conversation, inever asked personal questions. i will be the first interview ornot to ask you anything about belinda.the question is, how do you keep separate, your private life andyour professional life? >> i will see something everynow and then online, on social media, but i am not really therethat much, as much as people my age or people from mygeneration. i like watching movies, i dontknow. things that are separate, fromthat world of social media. >> you sleep with your cellphone? >> yes.[laughter] >> i dont want to ask who saidyes. [laughter]>> let me repeat the question. do you sleep with your cellphone? >> well, they say i do.>> christian, let me get you out of the problem and leave thecell phone and music aside. i heard several interviews ofyours as i prepared to talk to you, but i havent heard youspeak much about politics. please stop me when you want.what do you think about these changes in mexico?you of course voted in the last election?i dont want to ask for whom, but how is the presidenthandling things right now? as a young person, what do youthink? >> as a young person, i get topay taxes. there have been many changes, soi am more aware of what is happening.i am not glued to the news. i dont watch that muchtelevision. i know there have been changes.what can i say? i would rather not give anopinion on that because these are complicated topics and rebuthe has their own point of view -- and everybody has their ownpoint of view. i would rather not make anycomments. >> i respect that you dont wantto talk politics. you were born in sonora, in apoor place. you lived in -- did you go from having very little to having much more, asyou do, now? >> having and not having ismostly mental. i never felt poor.i never felt like i was lacking anything, because my family gaveme values and i was happy with my toys, with my family.i would go hiking, all of that. i think people have tounderstand that i know more rich people who are poor than i knowpoor people who are rich. material things dont make yourich. it is what you have inside, inyour mind. i was always happy.i never felt like -- there is not much of a difference, havingmaterial things does not change much.>> what is the first thing you will do when the pandemic ends?if there is a vaccine, will you get it?>> of course. i have seen a lot of theoriesthat say theyve got microchips and things like that, but iwould do it. obviously i want my family to behealthy. i want the world to be healthy.i travel a lot. i am in different yeah, i would like to be protected and protect my familyand the people i love. >> so you get the vaccine.maybe december, they be next year.what is the first thing you do? >> i want to see everybody ilove, have a good meal, have a good party.>> thank you very much for the invitation.thank you. >> we keep talking about music.since the pandemic began, we spoke with different performersfrom different genres and they all said that 2020 has shapedthem personally and professionally.many of them decided to continue their projects and connect withtheir fans. this is a case with pito lbambino, who promoted this song. ♪>> he has also been recording messages on social media, likethis. >> nourish your spirit withpositive things. >> and he tells us how his lifeturned 180 degrees. thank you for being here.>> no, thanks to you. it is great to be able to speaka little bit. talk about myself, and how wecan survive, during these difficult times.>> youve made a lot of live videos, and in one of them, ayoung person said that he wanted to kill himself, and youintervened to help. what happened?>> before holy week, i was doing a live video in puerto rico.i realized that a young person said he was frustrated by thecovid-19 situation. he didnt know what to do and hewanted to kill himself. i thought if i call her -- isent him -- i wrote to him and said why are you thinking likethis? he said i never thought that youwould help me with this situation.he sent me a picture. he had performed with a group atmy hacienda. i thought it was all connectedand i started talking to him and tried calming him down.i told him it wasnt easy and that i have also faced tests andin taking our own lives, we dont win, we lose.thank god i was able to control the situation and god gave methe right words to bring her harmony in that moment.>> speaking of social media, i want to talk about your mostrecent song. i noticed that your son, gabrielis also on social media during this did you decide at home, when is it appropriate for a child toappear and when it isnt? >> when you fall, you shouldlook and see this hurt me, im not going back because what hurtyou one day and left you a scar will do it again, because it isnot compatible to you. >> people love my music, peoplelove what i do through music. but i also want to give throughgrace, what i am receiving through grace.i want to include positive messages within the son, naturally he likes dancing.every morning i tell him, gabriel i want to give apositive message, do you want to do that and he says yeah, letsdo it. he gets ready to dance, which iswhat he likes doing, but also to send a positive message topeople. for instance, he is talking tosomebody in the family and will say, i will call you back later,my dad is about to send a positive is fun to see that. >> why launch this song in themiddle of a pandemic? isnt it counterproductive?do you expect more people will see it?>> this is really impressive, but this song has a veryimportant point, when you delve deeply into the song.there are many people who cant stand the drives them to take their lives.they fall into depression. there are many people who livetied emotionally to other people.when this isolation comes, they get a lot of problems, and theyhave problems having success in life.this song has content, that is very important.there is a point in the song where it says, i feel like i ambreathing now. what does this mean?there are people who might supposedly being in love --might supposedly be in love with somebody, but they are living asuperficial relationship. they think they are happy butthey -- but if there is no peace, god is not there.>> tito, thank you. i did not think we would havethis kind of interview. we are ending with a message ofoptimism that is very much is a pleasure to be here. i hope we can embrace sometimesoon. >> thank you, blessings.>> we all know that this 2020 was not an easy year, but formany people, the beginning of a new year is an opportunity torenew hope and wishes. we go now to cesar munoz.♪ ♪♪ >> thank you very much.remember we have a podcast you can listen to, every weekend.follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter.until next week, together we will get to the point, "al punto." happy new year.

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