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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 14 de marzo, 2021

15 Mar 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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>> lets get to the point, al punto.>> what country are you coming from?>> hunters. >> who brought you here?-- >> honduras. >> who brought you here?>> my mother paid somebody. >> immigrants came into theunited states illegally in february.alejandro mayorkas tells us how they are facing the situation.jose miguel vivanco from human rights watch tells us the lastreport. >> there is hope and light andbetter days ahead. >> president biden says alladults will have access to a vaccine by may 1.we will speak to a doctor from the cdc regarding when might youreceive this. who will qualify from a checkfrom the government? we have answers.>> she is going. >> the life of his ability under-- the life of isabel allende. a woman is in jail accused ofhaving an abortion. and an actor talks aboutsurviving two films and a personal tragedy.♪ >> lets get to the punto with jorge ramos. >> lets get to the point.the white house will not cover whats happening on the border acrisis, but if it isnt one now, it may become one soon.this is what is happening. there are over early 250detained miners -- 3250 detained miners.over 100,000 immigrants were arrested crossing illegally lastmonth. people say the dismantling oftrumps immigration policies are what is causing the situation.we are joined by alejandro mayorkas, secretary of homelandsecurity. thank you for speaking with us.>> it is a pleasure to be here. >> the administration ofpresident biden is not want to call what is happening on theborder with mexico crisis. but in january, 78,000immigrants were detained crossing the situation out of control or is this the new normal?>> the situation is not out of control.this a challenge from the logistical point of view.and from a humanitarian point of view.what we are seeing is that in the last four years, the borderwas closed. our asylum laws have not been onand our countrys values were not properly reflected.>> are you saying this crisis is the fault of the trumpadministration? or that it happened in hisadministration and now is blowing up in your face?>> this comes from a number of different points.we have to remember that during the previous administration,processing individuals coming to the border in a safe fashion wasdismantled. secondly, investments dedicatedto countries so that they could deal with violence, economicdesperations, those funds were eliminated.the program that we had to allow individuals to enter the unitedstates an orderly fashion and not take the dangerous paths --path were also dismantled. the problem of minors fromcentral america, we are seeing as a result of the collapse ofthose processes, we are seeing repressed requirements.there is an orderly way of doing this and thats why the messagethat we are conveying is so important.this is not the time to come to the border.especially in the middle of a covid-19 pandemic when it is sorisky not just due to the dangers on the path but also thepublic health situation on the board.>> let me present you another point of abbott says that the crisis on the border is due topresident joe bidens open border policies.what do you say to that? >> the border is not is not an open border policy. that is completely false.many members of the community are criticizing us because youare seeing families that we are trying to make sure are safe andhealthy. we are a nation of immigrants,nation of laws. what we have discontinued is thecruelty of the previous administration >> let me ask youabout the children. the numbers are january, 5800 children crossed alone from exit go tothe u.s. -- mexico to the u.s.right now you have over 3000 children in detention.the new york times says many of these places look like cells.the question is what are you doing differently from what thetrump administration did regarding these children?>> let me speak to that because it is a very important point.thank you for asking that question.there are many children, thousands who are at borderstations. these are not adequate forcaring for children. what we are trying to do is assoon as possible take them to health and human serviceslocations. its a logistical challenge.>> can you assure us that at this moment in the unitedstates, there isnt a single child who is inside a place thatwe could define as a cage? >> there are.there are no children in cages in the united states.we have border patrol locations that have children on theborder. i was there last weekend.this is what i saw. i saw too many children atborder patrol installations. i also saw the heroism of borderpatrol agents. it was wonderful seeing themfeed children, give them supplies and care for thosechildren. i spoke with agents for theborder patrol. many of them are parents.their hearts are broken seeing the desperation among thesechildren. >> president biden has deliveredtwo important campaign promises. presenting immigration reform totry to legalize 11 million undocumented people and grantingtps to venezuelans. do you think this is sending amessage to many central american and mexican that the unitedstates border is open? >> i feel incredibly proud to bepart of this administration and to serve a president who hascommitted himself and followed through to treat this country asa nation of immigrants that follows the rule of law.>> thank you for speaking with us.human rights watch is worried about the situation thatthousands of central american refugees find them selves on themexican side of the border raising -- waiting to cross.jose miguel vivancos executive director of human rights watchwho just published a report on what is happening on the border.i want to begin by asking you the basic there a crisis between mexico and the united states?>> right now there are over 3000 children who have crossed aloneand tens of thousands more have there crisis on the border right now?>> yes. there is a crisis.the figures are critical. the biden administrationsuspended the program that was negotiated with president andresmanuel lopez obrador. remain in mexico policy.people who wanted to cross into the united states wanted to filea petition but wait in mexico. nonetheless, what is in placenow is a trump policy from march of last year.its going to turn one year old. that was drafted using covid asan excuse, but it gives border patrol authorities theauthorization to prevent anybody from entering.and not processing their refugee request.thats the policy on which they denied over 400 thousand peopleentry to the united states. >> human rights watch publisheda report regarding the abuses that thousands of refugees haveexperienced in refugee camps in mexico hoping to cross theunited states. what did you find?>> almost sorts -- all sorts of abuse.beatings, extortions, robberies, kit happenings.this will probably surprise many people.immigration officers as well as police officers and cartels allparticipate. they are all accomplices insimilar operations. >> on the mexican side?>> on the mexican side. they share this information andthese poor people, the immigrants hoping to enter theunited states, central americans, venezuelans,haitians, cuban. venezuelans that we were able toprove were fleeing torture in venezuela under the nicolasmaduro dictatorship. they are all treated in the sameway and they are all exposed to abuse on the border due to thiscomplicity between officers and cartels.>> what do you think the u.s. needs to do?are they saying the border is open and if hundreds ofthousands of people are crossing, what should the bidenadministration do? >> theres a couple things thatare urgent. first off, design projects andprograms that will strengthen the democratic institutions incentral america. many of these immigrants arefleeing abuse, corruption. of course theres a lack ofeconomic opportunities. for these programs -- problems,for them to improve, it is important to have a policy forthe united states of support. not just a blank check so thatresources arent stolen. here on the border of course,the administration needs to as soon as possible allow thereview of cases that have parents for political refugees.>> last week on the program we invited the vice president of elsalvador and he says they dont agree with your criticisms thatel salvador may become a dictatorship under presidentnaive look-alike -- nayib bukele .>> theres all sorts of contortions to try to justifythe attitudes and the record of nayib bukele that completelyshows a lack of separation of powers.there is an open campaign of persecution against the media.theres is also a disdain for the assembly and its role.he has not respected the rule of law el salvador.and with the success he found in the assembly in the lastelections, hes concentrating his power and may try totransform this young precarious democracy and el salvador into adictatorship. taking the same steps that hugochavez took in venezuela. i think unfortunately thats thedirection el salvador is heading unless there are strong measuresfrom the international community to prevent that.>> jose miguel vivanco, thanks for being with us.when we returned, it will be a year since the pandemic began.we will find out what the biden administration is doing so thatwe all have access to a vaccine by may 1 and $1400 stimuluswe reramos. >> my fervent prayer for ourcountry is that after all we have been through, we can cometogether as one people, one nation, one america.i believe we can and we will. >> that was joe bidens speechon thursday. its been a year since covid-19was declared a pandemic across the world.president biden once everyone in the united states to a vaccineby may. he said its possible we may beable to come together in small groups by independence day.but he says the struggle is not yet over.we are joined by dr. montero from the cdc.thank you for joining us. our u.s. optimistic that alladults will have the vaccine by may?>> up by may 1 it will be available to will take some time to get vaccinated.every adult in the united states will be able to work with theirdepartments of health and other organizations to schedulevaccinations. >> what worries you most at thismoment? >> we are worried by the trustin the community. we are also worried that withthe decrease in deaths, people may forget that over a thousandpeople in the united states are dying every day due to covid-19.we still havent vaccinated everyone.we want everyone to hear the message that we want to keeppreventing. we need to use face masks, washher hands, maintain social distancing, do not joined mediumor large gatherings and get vaccinated as soon as possible.>> dr. montero, for people who are watching in texas, you andthe biden administration are telling people to get vaccinatedand a face mask. resident greg abbott hasrestaurants completely open. who should people listen to?>> we should not be gathering with people who have not beenvaccinated. >> in the united states, thepfizer moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines are beingadministered but there is a report that there was at leastone case where a patient after getting the astrazeneca vaccinehad problems with blood can this information not affect vaccinations in theunited states? >> there is a lot oftransparency regarding vaccines. so much so that anything thatmight happen with the vaccine gets the united states we have robust systems regarding eventsthat may happen associated with vaccines.we have a system that reports adverse reactions and we askpeople to report whatever might happen to different people aftergetting vaccinated. we investigate the differenteffects and we publish that information in scientificjournals so there is transparency regarding whatmight be associated with vaccines and we investigate allthe possibilities. the data we have demonstratesthe vaccines are safe and we should all get vaccinated assoon as we are able to. >> thank you for being here.>> thank you for the invitation. >> people are very interested invaccines but also in a stimulus check.thursday, joe biden signed a $1.9 trillion may receive a $1400 check from the part of this new law, there is also support for parents whoare raising children. we are joined by someone fromcnn to answer your questions. thank you for being here.we will begin with $1400, but for whom?>> that depends. the key to understanding thisdepends on understanding your marital state.are you head of household, single or married.secondly, the adjusted gross income and thirdly the number ofdependents. this could also include someonewho is disabled or an older person depending on how the irsdefines a dependent. for instance, lets say that yousay you are single and you make $65,000 or will receive $1400. what happens if you are marriedand your adjusted gross income is under $150,000, you will get$2800. if the income of the notedperson is over 160 thousand dollars, they get zero dollars.the same thing will happen to head of household.lets say a married person has four dependents.they make less than $150,000. they would get almost $8,400.its very important that people understand.what is their marital status when filing.what is your adjusted gross income and the number ofqualified dependents. >> so a family can receiveseveral checks. >> its a total amount so theygo by family. if you are single it is onecheck. if you are married it is tochecks. -- two checks.>> what happens with undocumented people?many of them pay taxes. others dont have socialsecurity numbers. will they get a check as well?>> according to the law, two things need to be cleared is eligibility and one is might be eligible but not have to be in the country legally with legal documents.someone who has a valid document like a social security number.i could be married and my spouse may not have a social securitynumber. thats not a problem if we usemine. what happens to children born inthe united states who have a social security number whoseparents are undocumented? they are eligible because theyhave a social security number. they are using the socialsecurity number to tell if someone is valid.>> lets talk about the tax credit.when you take -- pay tax credit -- pay taxes, you will get a taxcredit for children under six years old and another forchildren between seven and 17. when you pay the irs, you deductfrom what you would owe the irs. you get the credit for up to$2000 for children under 17. that has now been increased to$3600 if your child or children are under the age of six.between the age of six and 17, that would be $3000.the most interesting thing is that you can decide to get 50%of that money if you qualify in monthly payments and the other50% can apply toward a credit for next year or you can have100% as a credit. >> i have less than one minutebut at the end of the day weve got help from the government,first from donald trumps administration and now from joebiden. we are talking about billions ofdollars. who is paying for all of this?someone has to pay for this. or are we just printing moneynow? >> there are two debates.somebody says this can be paid because interest is low and theeconomy will continue growing. others cite the worry islong-term. right now we are financingtodays benefits by mortgaging the future.who will have to pay for this. thats worrying.theres a pandemic right now. what happens if theres ageopolitical crisis in the future?where are we going to get more money when our national debt isover 100% of the gdp? thats no good.>> thank you for being here. if you want to know how muchmoney youre getting from the new stimulus, use the calculatorat or use your phone to access this qr code.when we return, isabel allende has a new book out and atelevision series based on her life.and the fight for a man to g concoaxial have to work twice as hard as any man to get half therecognition -- >> you will have to work twice as hard to gethalf the recognition. >> the new miniseries from hbomax called isabel. chilean writer isabel allendehas been very busy during the pandemic.she has published a book called women of my soul and she isworking on another novel that will be released in 2021.there is a new miniseries based on her life that is nowavailable. isabel is here with us.i was thinking before interviewing you about unfair itis to ask you to open dear art and speak about things that musthurt you when this can take weeks, months or even years inreal life. i want to ask you about thisminiseries. i saw the first images.they were very powerful. do you recognize yourself?>> that isabel is daniela ramirez, who is a much betterlooking woman than i ever was. they gave her my haircut and myclothing. my house looks very similar.i think theyve done something to be respected.this was done by mega media in chile.i think theyve done a great job.>> i know how hard it must be to relive what happened to paula.or your family members might say, im not a public figure, idont want to be featured. >> it doesnt matter what peoplesay about me because i am a public future -- figure andeverything about me has appeared in my memoirs.other people who have private lives who are in my family likemy former husband or my children, they needed to betreated with some respect and that happened so i hope nobodyis offended. >> let me return to your newbook. i loved it.i wanted to focus on one thing. will you help me with yourdefinition of feminism? your first statement is aboutthat. >> i was a feminist fromkindergarten. >> in your second chapter yousay your anger towards chauvinism began when you sawhow your mother and women in your household were seen asvictims. and you said that feminism is achallenge to mans authority. where do you begin?>> all three things. but i would say that feminism isnot a war against men. its a war against thepatriarchal system that has ruled the world for millennia.a system of oppression that gives supremacy and dominion tothe male gender over the female gender, over nature, over otherpeople and even over other men. because not all of them are partof the patriarchy. just some.that power is sustained with violence, with oppression.and that needs to be changed. it needs to be replaced by asystem in which men and women in equal numbers and eat power canmake decisions. in which they have the sameweight in society. >> and things are changing.we just had international womens day.there were protests in mexico against the president and hisposition. and a series in spain about afeminist. do you feel the changehappening? >> i feel it in the westernworld. but i worked for the foundationthat shows there are places in the world where women live interrible conditions worse than cattle.there are places where girls are still being sold into marriageand theres an undeclared war against women.look at feminist side in many countries.a lot of things need to change. >> in mexico there were over 900women killed last year. how did you survive thepandemic? you told me that you got bothshots of the vaccine. >> i got both shots because ofmy age im very happy i was able to do that.i have spent the pandemic in a small home with one bedroom andone husband, a new husband that i barely in this extended honeymoon year, weve gotten to know eachother deeply. i think we love each other morethan if we had spent 10 years terms of my creative efforts, i wrote that book and anothernovel thats being published next year and another one thatim working on now. >> thank you for letting me bethe last person who interviews you and the tour for this book.i hope to see you soon and be able to embrace you.>> yes. >> when we return, people in elsalvador are asking that abortion laws be decriminalized.demian bichir presents two of his new films.♪ >> el salvador has one of themost restrictive laws against abortion in the world.a young woman named sara has been incarcerated for the lastnine years. her family says she has beenunfairly accused of having an abortion.she says it was all an accident. tomorrow her case will be heardfor a third time. her father agreed to speak to usabout the case. >> thank you for being here withus. how is it that sara lost herchild? what happened?>> i wasnt at home when that happened so i cant tell you howit occurred. >> she was 22 years old.she apparently had an accident. what did she tell you?>> i cant talk about that. because you cant talk aboutthat. >> how long?>> 10 years. she has been incarcerated for 10years after losing a baby. there are many people includingthe group from the u.n. saying she has been detained unjustly.>> there are no words to say how much these institutions havehelped us. sincerely.carla and others, i cant tell you how much they have helped.>> do you have hopes that sara will be able to be releasedsoon? something similar happened toevelyn hernandez. she was able to be releasedafter appealing the decision. do you think sara could followthe same path? >> that is the hope we have ingod. we have faith in god and faithin the people that god has put in our path and that god willmanifest through them so my daughter can be with me again.>> el salvador has one of the most restrictive laws againstabortions. do you think the laws shouldchange in your country so that what happened to sara will nothappen to other women? >> i think so.because it is an injustice. shes innocent.i think this is an injustice here.>> do you think she was punished simply because she miscarried?>> yes. thats true.>> she miscarried and then she was arrested and has spent adecade behind ours. with the government of nayibbukele, do you think things will change?or do you think it is more difficult?>> thats the hope that we all have.those of us who have people in these prisons.thats our hope that he may touch his heart and say or undoa lot of these unjust cases. >>, -- >> if you could speakdirectly to the authorities who are responsible for keeping herin prison, what would you say to them?>> what im asking the president to do if hes hearing me or ifthis reaches his ears, if my words reach him, i want him toreturn my daughter to me. thats why i and others are inthis struggle. these other institutions, maygod less than because they are helping and fighting for me andmany people who are in prison. >> before we go, how is sara?does she think that her imprisonment might end?>> since the pandemic began, its been a year and threemonths that i havent seen her. i dont know whats going onwith her. i havent heard her voice ortouch her. i know nothing about her.>> i hope she will be free very soon.>> may god shine alive -- shine a light on our path.>> when we return, how one actor can go from a movie about death>> what you want your life to be now.>> we just saw part of the film demian bichir seems determined not to bepigeonholed. the films he is starting andcould not be more difficult. he plays a man who saves a womanwho was about to die in the mountains.he also acts in the super production godzilla vs. kong.all in the middle of a pandemic and a very difficult personalsituation. he is here to speak with usabout all of this. thank you for returning to theprogram. i dont know where to begin.i saw the film land, where you play someone who had a very deeploss in his life. i want to ask you if you chooseroles based on whats going on in your life.>> i think this character in land was given to me in a veryfortunate way by robin wright. it comes at a crucial moment inmy life and it talks about a topic that is very important.the loss of a loved one. all of us will experience thatin our lives. thats the only thing thatscertain. what i love about this film andthe story we tell is that human beings can doesnt matter how big the pain is possible to get ahead. >> i was asking this honestlybecause i saw the song you recorded, your pretty bluesmile. you recorded for your ex-wifestephanie. >> i wrote this song tostephanie when we met eight years ago.and during this time of self-imposed seclusion, imfinishing an album with nine songs.and this had to be included. so i played all the instrumentsmyself. >> you sing and play all theinstruments. >> i also mixed the albummyself. i did it all during thepandemic. part of the healing process hadto do with this film that i got from robin.being in those mountains where we filmed land, its got healingproperties. nature has that marvelousvirtue. >> you said your ideal vacationis to go to the ocean and just sit and did the same thing in the mountains.lets leave land aside and talk about godzilla vs. seems like the most escapist entertainment you can imagineright? >> yes, of course.we are in the middle of a personal crisis, and then you gofilm a science fiction film. >> what happens sometimes ismovies come out at the same time but we dont make them at thesame time. >> let me finish with a littlebit of politics if you dont mind.we are in this already. recently you sent a tweet to thepresident of mexico, and manuel lopez obrador.he said its great you are recovering quickly.they had just announced he had do you see president lopez obrador from here?>> its interesting for people to get confused.people think im a big friend of lopez obrador.i have said that im a free and independent citizen.all of my opinions are my own and my consciences.its interesting how that tweet unleashed a is it controversial to wish somebody good health?it doesnt talk about anything else in that.and its important that this revolution that has beenpeaceful can continue. i think there is still much tobe done. i think there is much to be donein many aspects. it is not a perfectadministration. but i dont think one exists.there is still much to be done. i think one of the mostimportant points is to bring together mexicans.last decades have sown a lot of division.>> in aalso follow us on faceboo instagram and twitter.until next week, we will get to the punto.

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