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Al Punto con Jorge Ramos - 13 de diciembre, 2020

14 Dic 2020 – 12:00 AM EST

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>> we are going to talk about joe bidens presidency and hisprocess until now and also vaccines.we have vaccines and vaccines and vaccines, and it is really asubject right now. we are figuring out who is thefirst group, which is going to be the priority to receive the end, the people that are not considered essential workersthat do not have any medical problems at all and are healthy.for example, this citizen who is a survivor of cancer and over 80years old, he has priority. on the other end would be thosenurses, doctors constantly exposed with covid-19.when that would be, joe biden promised that one under thousand-- 100 million united states citizens would be ready to getthe vaccine in the year 2021. the doctor that we have heretoday is a doctor of immune eyes asians -- immunizations.he is going to talk about this with us.>> good morning. >> it is very clear what we aretalking about, the first group that is going to be a priority,very much of a common sense, but also we want to know who arethese people specifically. >> this group starts withessential workers in constant contact with these people, withthese hospitalized members, and also obviously the ones that areat risk and have their immune system very much lowered, butalso that includes the people official workers like mailmenand women and the people working as employees of, for example,chicken places processing the meat.>> how long that would be free the majority of the unitedstates? -- for the majority of theunited states? when will we have that fornormality and get back to normal in the united states?>> that would be 70% or 75% of the population.that would be the majority of people, that they will get thevaccine. >> so the vaccine from pfizerand england, they had some cases of allergies, correct?so those raised hesitation in united states citizens.>> i do not have so many cases that they have had so muchinformation about that. from what i have seen, thevaccine is very secure and safe. it is -- with cvc and televisionwith their comedy, we have some information that is clear andgood and safe about this. >> no one is talking aboutvaccines for children. we are talking about everythingbut not vaccines for children. do you think they are nevergoing to get the vaccine? >> yeah, they, for example, in their studies, they included someteenagers over 12 years old. there will be problems.the majority of children, probably the children that willstart getting it at the beginning of the next year, infebruary, it is important to get a vaccine for children, but alsowe want you to get a secure and safe before we get it to them.>> for example, the essential workers, the teachers, or a lotof latinos, they have been affected very muchdisproportionate. we do have latinos, to get thevaccine? >> it is not going to be fornecessity at all. it is going to be for age,medical conditions or at risk. that is why it is going to befor not just mexicans or hispanics or latinos even thoughit -- they have been more affected by this pandemic.>> the reason they have been more affected by this pandemicmore than others, it has to be with the kind of work and jobsthey are doing. it is very on proportioned --unproportioned. it is latinos,african-americans. those are the people that aremore exposed and that is why they have been more affected byit. we are trying to give thevaccine equivalent for that population.would you get it, doctor? >> if i get offered, im goingto get it, and i am going to see the data with the security andsafety. and how effective it is going tobe and for how long -- i am going to get it when it is myturn, obviously. >> do you have information?do you have information on the process of -- for people thatwant to get the vaccine and go to the pharmacy, go to thehospital, go to your medical center?>> at the beginning, there is going to be health institutionsand with the hospital. if you work in places of -- thatare exposed, you can get the vaccine in is going to be progressive. in the medical center and alsowith your doctors. also, you are going to get thisinformation when it is ready. you have to be informed and getinformed to know when it is your is phased for you specifically.>> we as latinos have been living over 30 years in theunited states. do you think it is going to besomething of a classism kind of thing in the way of the poorpeople, they are not going to get it and rich people, theyare? >> well, is a worry that we will all have, but i hope that it is notgoing to be regarding the reference of poor countries orrich countries. we are going to have to wait tohave it for everyone, but i think we are going to bedistributing through the world. it is going to be somethinginternationally with the health association.>> i do not have much more time, but there is a political issue.can you tell people if the mask is important or not, not just tobe protected but also to protect others?>> like you, i have it here in my pocket.the mask works. it does is proven through several studies that it avoids thetransmission to other people, and also you are protected whenyou are using it. really it is not hard to use it.the department of health over here, when we go out from theoffice, we have to get the mask on.if i do not have it, i feel i am missing something.>> doctor, thank you so much for your information and thank youfor being with us. >> my pleasure.>> now that we are on this subject, we want to tell youthat you bcm -- univision has a special health program can send your questions for will be at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, and it will be throughhere. >> joe biden will be able tolegalize 11 million legalize -- illegallized people.we are going to talian elections considered a fraud last week.we are going to talk in the show about all these subjects withjorge ramos in al punto. >> joe biden is on the way tojust become the president of the united states.he chose to -- two immigrants and two latino people to be withhim, xavier becerra and another cuban immigrant.these are -- we are going to talk about this.>> thank you for being here. >> joe biden will be the nextpresident of united states. do you think it is enough tohave just two latinos in the cabinet?>> now, but it is really important that he is naming themin the agencies they are going to represent.but we also need latina in there with the capability andat least one latina in the cabinet.of biden. >> it has not been a long timethat we have had congress. he would say that he would notget how barack obama got in his you agree? >> yeah, i think joe biden isgoing to learn from the administration -- from what hedid not do right in the last is going to be about the groups of all the people thathave been impacted in this way and also all these packs that wehad the ministration by obama and they were not that good.i think he is going to follow and take that information, learnlessons to his own administration.i think he is going to accomplish his promise toresolve the subject, and he is going to make a dedication, tohave a dedication. >> about 70% of the latinos,they voted for joe biden. -- voted trump.i want your opinion. will it be that latinos willbecome or are becoming more conservative?>> we have to remember that latinos have been conservativeforever. we saw in 2016, a lot of therepublicans, they did not vote. they did not know trump, so theydid not know what he was going to do.a lot of tinos right now, -- latinos right now, they haveseen what he has done. they are from that party.that is what we have seen. i think they have worked a lot,the republicans, more than the democrats, in moving all ofthese voters, especially in texas, and trying to do it inarizona and other places. >> thank you so much for beinghere with us. >> of course.thank you. >> the united states right now,it looks like it is totally was in the republicans and democrats.a lot of them, they have not recognized joe we think both of them are going to be able to worktogether? we have republicans that did notvote for donald trump over here. >> it is a pleasure, likealways. >> i want to start with apolitical subject, with the demand of texas.a lot of votes, that they were going to be for joe biden, theywere to be for donald trump. >> it is very painful to justsee that other states -- a lot of republicans that were withbush ru nine with this effort that we just had over here --were reunited with his effort we just had over here.they need to see it has no future, no is already a person that is very negative, so give somethingelse to this person. it is going to end with all hisexperience. it is not working.>> you are still republican, correct?>> each time you say it, i even have my heart tight.>> is a party dominated by donald that he leaves, what is happening?>> a lot of us we feel like we have no protection at all.the republican party stopped existing four years ago, and alot of republicans that voted for joe biden, we dont reallythink either that that is our home either.i think this gives inexperience and hope that another leadergets to the republican party appear in right now, it isalmost impossible to reach it. it is very sad right now, veryprofound and deeply hurtful because we know the party can besomething big. we are never going to forgetthat bush got more voters than donald trump.right now, we dont really know. >> it was a hispanic part inwashington. i do not know if they are goingto be agreeing on something. joe biden has promised thelegalization of 11 million illegal people in the unitedstates. do you think the republicans anddemocrats are going to be collaborating one more time?>> i hope and trust that we are going to have enough republicanvoters for us to have that immigration reform, but there isthings republicans can do to avoid this.unfortunate for all of us, we are seeing a divided country,and it looks impossible. it seems impossible.what i would at least hope or like is that the use of dhaka --daca, i hope they do have a law that protects them, but at leastif we are not going to have a general law for everyone, atleast have one for this group to be protected.i hope that immigration reform protects these people.>> 74 million from the united states citizens voted for donaldtrump. do you thing after this for2024, do you think donald trump is going to be able to be thereagain? >> i think the republican partysaw all this organization with trump.i do not think we are going to have the republican party we hadbefore for a little while. we have the wish that we soonhave that. he did not have the success outthere in the office. >> maybe do you explain that? >> it is confusing, but what iunderstand, i do not support it. they voted with their money andhe did not accept it because we do have to think about more thanus, ourselves. we have to think that we havemore proposals and things to do after that.even if there is a lot of latinos that voted for donaldtrump, i really hope the democrat party of this countryrally that this country is an immigrant country and we are allfrom here. this party is not with theimmigration. >> do you think you won when joebiden won? >> honestly, i could not sleepwhen he was declared two co-days after.i could sleep for 10 hours. there was peace in my soul.i think that everything we passed through, the effort, theinsults, they were worth it. we have a great man in the whitehouse now. just for that is worth it.>> thank you so much for being here with us.>> when we come back, we are going to talk about a mexicanman that right now has been accused for>> we are going to talk about mexico and genaro garcia luna.and his work in mexico was fighting against the drugscartels. she is going to publish her book. >> thank you so much for beinghere with us and congratulations for your book, the millionairesof the war. since 2016, more than a quarterof mexicans have been assassinated because of this.>> there has been a lot of victims.that is how the government, the actual government right now, isstill doing it. there is a group of winners.they are still around as can soldiers.we also have people related to this without having to beinvolved. despite everything that is goingon for a lot of years and all that money they made in allthese years, we have had a lot they did not get to the policestation, to the people that do investigations.>> can you tell us who was garcia luna, why he was amultimillionaire, and why he was arrested?>> genaro garcia luna started to work for them in the 1980s.he was informing to have a new generation of police officersfor people to change everything through a huge diversity andinto a huge change, which is what they were selling.with the government in 2016, it was something very public.they had a big success in this in narcotics and after this.he lives all of a sudden in a residency of millions of dollarsand he starts buying properties. his wife starts a businesscompany and restaurant. after that come starts contractswith other people. in december 2019, he wasarrested in texas, a security consultant.he is accused as a trafficker. he has been x will traded --infiltrated and is the main lead of this.that is why he is arrested. >> he constantly doesincredible. he constantly makes guilty thesepeople around him and he says classifying you think he is right and what he is saying now?>> i think we see the people in the streets and we still see wehave more control not from the police sanctions like in thetimes of garcia luna but we see a lot of public money andsecurity and modernization. it is very necessary.we still see the government, which is classified, that theyhad to do something. for example, the president wehad -- have right now, the government, they took two years.he accepts more than a very high number of people in mexico.they will be involved in this. we see homicide.we do not really see something to make exempt of arrestsbecause we do not see him very involved.we also had a lot of influence in the united states in thatmoment, and we know that today. >> the book that you have, it iscalled to the millionaires of the war.with the two kids who are school age.thanks so much for being here. >> thank you so much.>> we are going to go for mexico to cuba, where we have arebellion right now led by a group of of the most known faces of this movement.we sought in havana -- saw it in havana.>> thank you for having me here. >> what is happening to theisland? >> not too long ago, you saidthe community is getting awakened.>> they are desperate. i think the intellectual mind incuba, they are being intersection, and i think theyare done. they really want this done.>> how we can have a biggest -- the point of this is to have abiggest freedom of expression and freedom of speech.>> that is crazy for the government.that is not happening. we are the civil community thatis being there. we have to talk about othersubjects for them to accept something.for the feminists, they are articulating everything from thepressure -- everything that is functioning is are showing it. cultural ministry in 2017 wasnot a casual thing. we can give less responses tothe people, to the needs. each day, they are lesscreative. we are more than the history weare talking about, something that affects really thecommunity. we are connected without thesystem. that is what we are fighting forin general. >> the government says you guysare linked to the united states government, and at the same timeyou are accused as mercenaries. what is your response?>> if they have proof that i work for the cia, please givethem to me. >> what is going to happen toyou for this kind of interviews or these declarations?have you been her -- you have been arrested over 40 times inthe last years. are you getting in danger totalk to us? >> i am a person in constantdanger. these things, while we arehaving dinner or lunch with my girlfriend, they have arrestedme. i cannot go out to the streets.each day, weaker and weaker. i am going to get a play onmonday where i talk about this. the violence is to us.>> you were in really -- not eating for a long time as aprotest. how are you?>> the damage has to get freedom and fighting for it physicallyand emotionally. everything that we have is ourunion and our conviction to just be there.>> the protest from all these people is one of the biggestprotests since 1959. are we getting to the end of theregime or is it the beginning of the spring in cuba?>> we are not the only ones fighting for this.we want for cuba to be a normal country where people can saywhat they think. we cannot lose faith because weare in a good moment. we are in 2021.i think this year is going to be a great year to be connectedwith people in the streets and listen to intellectual speechesand to the most popular of the movement.>> thank you so much for being here.thank you so much for being the voice for cuba.and for the world. >> we are going to talk aboutthe latino>> there were four and now there will be five hispanic senatorsin washington. the congressman for a long timewas in new mexico. he will be the new senator.he is here with us. ben lujan, thank you for beingwith us. it be interesting that right nowyou are called senator instead of congressman for a lot ofyears. >> honestly, this is anincredible honor that mexican people have chosen me as arepresentative in the chamber, to be there senator.the first latino senator in over 40 years in new mexico.i feel honored and amazing about this.>> according to president donald trump, what you think about hisspeech about not being ok with? his losing situation -- hislosing situation? >> i cannot believe it myself.i feel very disconnected that it is annoying and disturbing thatthe president of the united states does not accept withdignity and honor the tradition that has been going on forever.>> do you think the democrats and republicans are going to beworking together peacefully or is it not going to be possible?>> at the end of the day, we are all working for the same cause,and i think it is always possible to get to thatagreement. what i like about joe biden ishe is a president that understands the urgency of beingtogether and united. as united states president, joebiden proposed in the first 100 days he is going to propose areform for immigration, to legalize the 11 million peoplethat are illegal in the united states, but the republicans arenot very on this. what is going to happen if theydo not have the senate in georgia?it was just a few years ago that we had a bipartisan project thatparticipated with the senate. however, it was not a way to getthis specifically prn -- specifically.for all the colleagues, they respect immigration reform, ithas to be taken at some point. it has to be set up at somepoint. all the observers that they havebeen demonstrating this integrated over millions ofpeople. it is necessary, what heproposes, to just have immigration balanced.>> why did he win? >> because it is one person fora lot of people. in the small community, i livein the same house my ancestors used to live.i am always working on it and working on the fields as well.before the united states was a government, i learned a lot ofthings about just working. i think it resonated.however, i do have the responsibility, winning thattrust and confidence from the population and community.there is one person and finally there is someone you can tellthere name that got you as a senator of the united states.>> honestly, my mom is family. she was hard very mom got -- stopped working after 33 years, sincekindergarten until i was mom was not in the university, but she was verycapable. when she stopped working, shesaid she wanted to just get to state representative senatorbefore losing him. it was mother raised me and not just to be there but also to be aleader but also to value everything we have.they also taught me that you are not the first one in beingthere. you have to maintain and holdthe door open for others to have the opportunity and the dooropen. >> thank you so much.>>>> today, we are trying to get very well-informed, but we haveto be careful to get information -- where to get information frompure and there are some places that apparently -- informationfrom. there are some places thatapparently they are giving wrong information.>> -- ♪>> thank you so much. finally, this update of thestory we told you last week, the astronaut of nasa, frank rubio,he became today, this week, one of the astronauts chosen for theartemis operation to the moon. he was raised in salvador andborn in the united states. he will be probably the firstman stepping on the moon again. frank, congratulations on this.>> you can look at everything we have been talking about on ourwebsite,, or follow us on facebook,instagram, and twitter. i will see you guys next weekhere on al punto. thank you so much for being withus.

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