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Three must-have Leap Pad games for your child’s collection

5 Feb 2014 – 12:26 PM EST

My kids each have a Leap Pad Ultra. It’s one of the few gadgets they consistently play with, for many reasons. Not only are Leap Pad games educational, but kids truly have a lot of fun learning. I enjoy receiving Learning Path emails to check how their progress is going, too. Needless to say, I approve of these Leap Pad games. Here are the three must-have games for your child’s collection.

Pixar Pals | Ages 4-7

Pixar Pals features popular Pixar characters, such as Woody and Buzz. Together with their favorite pals, your kids explore astronomy, ocean science, and logic and reason while solving puzzles. Expect your kids to describe our planets as well as ocean life and ways to recycle! This Leap Pad game teaches young kids about our planets and oceans in a fun way.

Minnie’s Bow-tique | Ages 3-5

Minnie and friends are planning a surprise party, and part of the fun is getting to help. Your kids will be identifying colors, patterns, and letters. With letter recognition and blending sounds, they are off to a great start for reading success! Also, Minnie’s Bow-tique is great for building logic and memory skills by helping the characters pick outfits for the party. Kids have to listen carefully to finish a task. This is a must-have Leap Pad game because it inspires kids to have fun planning, learning, and getting creative!

LeapSchool: In the Kitchen with Hap | Ages 4-7

Kids learn how to count, weigh, and measure food while following recipes. They learn health and nutrition as well as food facts during the process and learn time management, too. In the Kitchen with Hap allows kids to interact and complete tasks. Expect your child to want to be your little sous-chef the next time you are cooking! This Leap Pad game gets kids excited about everyday life skills.

Consider adding these Leap Pad games to your child’s collection. They are sure to entertain and teach them a few new things in a variety of skills!