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Ten Year Old Who Hacks Instagram Paid $10,000 for his Efforts

Youngest recipient of Facebook’s Bug Bounty program
6 May 2016 – 02:25 PM EDT

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Jani's image is not released by his parents Crédito: Dreamstime

I don’t know what you were doing when you were ten but I’ll bet you weren’t finding serious glitches in one of the largest social media platforms that exists. It’s fine, really. Lot’s of ten year olds spend more time kicking dirt and riding bikes. You don’t really have to compare yourself to Jani, the amazing Finnish ten year old, who hacked the Facebook owned Instagram and was able to delete user comments at will, including Justin Bieber's, according to the Washington Post.

This may not sound like a huge deal to you and me, but Facebook awarded the brilliant little man a cool $10,000 for his efforts, making him the youngest recipient of Facebook’s Bug Bounty program. Not a bad payday for someone who’s barely in the double digits. I wonder what he’ll do with his prize? Start his own company and crush small timers like Facebook and Google, more than likely. I, for one, will be buying some stock as soon as it’s available.

According to J ani’s father, he and his brothers have found flaws on the internet before, but this is the first time any of them has received a large payout. In fact, if you or your children are so inclined you can search your favorite social media platforms for bugs and send your findings to the creators. Facebook has paid out almost a million dollars to would be hackers finding errors in their systems.

This clever little guy also sent a witty note to Mashable regarding other ‘flaws’ he’s discovered on the internet that he uses everyday. You can read that note here, but the best of his list I’ll share below because the boy genius is also very funny:

Also, I have hacked President Obama’s phone but it’s just a bunch of boring emails and “launch codes” and nothing about the next Avenger’s movie, so who even cares.

Can you handle this kid? He’s brilliant and funny and knows how to have a laugh in the midst of his internet fame. This little guy is going to be just fine.

Don’t feel too bad if, like me, your biggest accomplishment to date was solving two side of the rubik's cube once in college. We can’t all be like Jani, but we can apply to work for him someday.