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Elecciones 2016

Univision hosts Democratic debate Wednesday night in Miami

Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas host Univision Democratic debate Wednesday night
9 Mar 2016 – 8:46 PM EST

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton , and Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, face-off in a Democratic Debate to be held on Wednesday at 9pm in Miami less than a week before Florida holds its presidential primary.

The debate comes a day after Sanders pulled off a narrow, surprise victory in vote-rich Michigan, raising expectations of a closer than expected race for the Democratic Party nomination. However, Clinton won the smaller state of Mississsippi on Tuesday by a wide margin and extended her overall lead in the delegate count.

Clinton has a wide lead among Democratic Party voters in Florida according to a new Univision poll on Wednesday. With just five days remaining before the primary elections in Florida, leads by a wide margin of 38 points over Sanders, based on support from the state’s registered Democratic Party voters, according to the poll commissioned by Univision Noticias and The Washington Post.


Hillary Clinton is the favored candidate among registered Democratic Party voters in Florida

Bernie Sanders


Lead of 38 percentage points over Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is the favored candidate among registered Democratic Party voters in Florida







Lead of 38 percentage points over Bernie Sanders

The former secretary of state has 64% of the intended votes among Florida Democrats who are registered to vote, compared to 26% for the senator from Vermont. Only 10% remain undecided, which suggests that Sanders has very little margin for bridging the gap.

Clinton also enjoys a wide lead over Sanders in the count of delegates needed to win the Democratic Party nomination at a July convention.

    • Republicans
      • Trump
      • Cruz
      • Rubio
      • Kasich
      • Carson
      Republicans DELEGATES
      Trump 0
      Cruz 0
      Rubio 0
      Kasich 0
      Carson 0
      Delegates needed to win
      the Republican nomination
      *Delegates needed to win the nomination
    • Democrats
      • Clinton
      • Sanders
      Democrats DELEGATES
      Clinton 0
      Sanders 0
      Delegates needed to win
      the Republican nomination
Source: AP

Wednesday's debate will be moderated by journalists Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos of Univision, and Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post. It can be viewed on the digital platform and also on Univision Puerto Rico at 12:00 midnight.

There will be simultaneous translation in Spanish and the debate will also be broadcast live on CNN in English.
Sanders and Clinton will answer questions on the main topics of interest to Hispanics, including economy and labor, immigration, education, health benefits, security, and terrorism, among others.

Follow the debate live: La Huella Digital: Voto latino 2016

Puerto Ricans will also be able to participate in the debate and ask questions about the debt crisis there. While Puerto Ricans living on the island cannot vote for president, they can cast ballots if they reside on the U.S. mainland. Many Puerto Ricans who have left the island have resettled in Florida, a political battleground between Republicans and Democrats.

The meeting between Clinton and Sanders will be held at the Kendall campus of Miami Dade College (MDC), the largest public educational institution in the country.

The Clinton-Sanders Democratic Debate takes place two weeks after the publication of an exclusive opinion poll by Univision News and The Washington Post revealing trends in the Hispanic vote ahead of the presidential election in November to succeed President Barack Obama. The poll revealed that Clinton had the support of 57% of Hispanic voters compared to 28% for Sanders, while both Democrats easily beat all of the Republicans in hypothetical November matchups.

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