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COASTCITY premieres video for first single 'Noches y Mañanas'

Luis Fonsi's brother Jean Rodríguez, half of COASTCITY, is also a producer behind hits by Prince Royce, CNCO, etc.
21 Jul 2017 – 11:44 AM EDT

Luis Fonsi is not the only musical talent in his family. His younger brother, Jean Rodríguez, has forged his own musical path for over a decade as a producer, solo artist and backing vocalist for the likes of Marc Anthony. Now, with his producing partner Danny Flores, Rodríguez is debuting 'Noches y Mañanas', the first single and video of their musical duo COASTCITY.

Here at U-LAB Music we're premiering the cinematic new video for 'Noches y Mañanas', which was shot between Downtown LA and Malibu and directed by Carlos Escobar (who recently helmed the Jen Carlos Canela and Don Omar video for 'Dure Dure'.)

The duo, which operates a recording studio and production company under the same name out of Miami, is planning on releasing their own self-produced project independently in the fall. As production duo, COASTCITY has worked writing and producing projects for Ha*Ash, Prince Royce (for his most recent album, Five), CNCO, and have just finished putting together the live show for Luis Fonsi -- including "new arrangements, show transitions, putting together all the musicians, directing, rehearsing....pretty much giving it a fresh twist on today" says Rodríguez.

"Jean and I have been the bridge for many artists to be able to become more authentic and true to their craft. Our music reflects that authenticity to ourselves and our writing. No es que estemos en un viaje y la gente no se pueda identificar con nostros, but we are consistently against the grain. That is why artist want to work with us," says Flores. COASTCITY is currently producing and writing most of Prince Royce's next album.

'Noches y Mañanas' starts off as a soft rock, in English, and then unexpectedly transitions into a modern rock-tinged soft merengue in Spanish, all held together by Rodríguez's strong voice. "Honestly, this song gave birth to COASTCITY. We didn't do the typical 'let's write 20 songs and pick the best one' formula," says Rodríguez. "We started playing with a bunch of analog toys and ran into this rhythm pattern on an old Roland drum machine. The pattern reminded us of a tambora, which we love because it took us to the Caribbean. We mixed that in with some electric rock-vibey guitars and a soulful alternative melody and it started taking shape".

That "dirty and grungy" vibe with irreverent lyrics and Caribbean flavors are at the heart of what Rodríguez and Flores want to do with COASTCITY: to fuse bilingual Latin and Anglo sounds and aesthetics. "It's honest and truthful to who we are and where we come from," says Rodríguez. Makes sense then, that the duo wrote and produced Royce's tracks with Zendaya and Chris Brown from Five.

COASTCITY is planning to perform in Miami soon before releasing its debut album in the fall.

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