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Premiere: IVARR feat Ma-Less present music video for 'Brinca'

The DJs and producers behind the 'Church of Twerk' bring you an irresistible club banger.
4 Ago 2017 – 2:38 PM EDT

Add this club banger to your weekend rotation. Here at U-LAB Music, we're premiering the music video for 'Brinca', a collaboration between DJ, producer and performer IVARR and DJ, producer and vocalist Ma-Less, resident at the weekly Shake n' Bass parties in Orlando, Florida. The trippy music video was directed by Brill Adium, and it captures the energy of the song, about getting loose and living in the moment.

Released on Frank El Medico's La Clínica Records, 'Brinca' is a bass-heavy song with Spanish lyrics brought to our attention by global bass specialist DJ and producer Chato!, who is our Resident Artist for the month of August here at U-LAB Music.

Chato! spoke to IVARR and Ma-less about 'Brinca' and the growing bass scene in Orlando.

Chato!: Where was the video recorded?

IVARR: The video was recorded in our hometown Orlando, Florida. and it showcases our neighborhood. It's diverse, and features amazing groups of people within the city (such as Simply Clean, who graciously showed off their beautiful lowriders in the video), and the music scene that we have been cultivating in Orlando. We must give a huge thanks to everybody involved in the creation of the video! It wouldn't be possible without the help of our community!

Chato!: We see footage from Shake 'n Bass and tributes to Big Makk. What is the party about and who was Big Makk?

IVARR: Shake 'n Bass has been going on every Sunday night here in Orlando for the past five years. Created by Big Makk, Ma-Less, Dr. Khan, K1K0, and City Tucker, it's known as the Church of Twerk and we play all kinds of moombahton, twerk, reggaeton, dancehall, Jersey club, zouk, hip hop...

Samisoni Koroitamudu aka Big Makk, is a legend to us. He was an amazing producer and DJ who we tragically lost last year at the end of August. He's was a rising star paving the way for many of us here and was an artist who was putting Orlando on the map through his successes touring and releasing songs on labels such as Dim Mak, Slow Roast, Main Course, and Mad Decent. His music has also been showcased on shows such as HBO's Silicon Valley.

Above all of his success and accomplishments, he was an amazing, kind, funny and humble soul, always encouraging everyone around him to do what they love and to enjoy their life. Over the past 4 plus years of running Shake 'n Bass we definitely all became family and he was definitely the leader of the pack and a brother to us all. He remains a huge inspiration to us and we strive to carry on his name and legacy.

Chato!: How are things with Shake 'n Bass after Big Makk's passing?

Ma-Less: It was really hard at first, Orlando was already hurting after the Pulse shooting, to then lose Big Makk and Gady Gaspard, who was an infectiously fun and avid long time supporter of Shake 'n Bass, really hit us hard. As hard as it was we knew we had to keep going. If it were any of us instead of Sam we know he would have carried on in our honor. We have so many longtime supporters who are like family to us and they seriously helped us heal so much. Their presence, encouragement and support motivated us to keep pushing to create music and to have fun and to celebrate life in his honor and that's what we do every Sunday.

IVARR: Big Makk's mother created the Big Makk Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to students pursuing a career in music. As a crew we are all pushing ourselves as artists, Ma-Less went on my her first tour early this year with a stop at SXSW and K1K0 played Ultra Music Festival in March as well. As a community we see everyone encouraging one another and coming together and collaborating with other like minded artists. 'Brinca' is a testament to that. We collaborated with each other to create the song and subsequently collaborated with Brill to take it to a new level. He is an incredibly creative director and the only dude we thought could help us create this captivating video.

Chato!: Why do a 'global bass' song?

IVARR: Being so close to the Shake 'n Bass crew, they feel like my musical family. As a result, I have been highly influenced by this movement. I tend to have a diverse taste in what I create and I am inspired by many different genres and styles. Music is universal and it transcends even language, Global bass music especially. The rhythm and pure energy that the music exudes, holds a lot of power to unify. Which is what we need now more than ever.

Ma-Less: I love embracing my Afro-Latina roots, my dad is Jamaican and my mom is Panamanian, I lived in Panama for 5 years and I grew up in the military so I was exposed to many different cultures over the years. I love all kinds of global bass, the African and Latin beat and rhythms are infectious and you can't help but shake your ass and dance when you hear it. The natural progression of hearing more electronic elements in songs to me makes sense seeing that most music is created electronically using various DAW's. I feel that by combining these elements to create global bass gives us artists a platform to blend our roots with what influences us today. Personally I see it on the rise not only in the music I create but the music I play out in my sets as well, and it's what got me to start DJing when I first heard moombahton 6 years ago. I just hope we continue to embrace its multi-cultural diversity and not try to categorize it into one label or box.

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