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Venezuelan president's nephews sentenced in New York to 18 years in jail for drug trafficking
The two nephews of Venezuela's first lady were sentenced Thursday in a New York court on cocaine charges. Defense lawyers argued for leniency saying they were "novices" who were lured into the drug trade as part of an effort to embarrass the Venezuelan government. Prosecutors say they exchanged gruesome text messages about drug-related murders.
Salvadoran Teodora Vásquez will remain in prison for another 20 y...
El Salvador court upholds 30-year prison sentence for woman whose baby died during childbirth
Lawyers for Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, 34, argued that evidence overwhelmingly showed their client did not intentionally kill her baby 10 years ago. Vásquez was hoping to return to her 14-year-old son.
Costa Rican President Oscar Arias and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega...
Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias says Trump's Israeli policy echoes Reagan's folly in Central America
Arias thinks Trump is similarly undermining the possibility for a negotiated peace deal in the Middle East, and predicts the U.S. president's rash behavior will marginalize his government the same way Reagan's policy toward Central America did 30 years ago.
Migrants cross the Suchiate River that divides Mexico and Guatemala.
Rise in U.S. immigrants from Central America outpaces rest, study finds
The number of U.S. Mexican immigrants decreased by 6%, from 2007 to 2015, according to a new survey of U.S. Census data by the Pew Research Center. Overall, the total U.S. immigrant population increased by 10% during those years.
Members of Honduras National Police and police officers belonging to COB...
Was U.S.-training as factor in Honduran police taking a pro-democracy stand?
Honduran police were hailed as heroes in the streets this week when some units refused to enforce a curfew after disputed elections. The United States has invested millions in community policing and human rights training there.
She was sentenced to 30 years in prison after her baby died during childbirth: now her case goes back to trial in El Salvador
After delivering a stillborn baby in 2007, Teodora del Carmen Vásquez was charged with murder. Now, 10 years into her sentence, she is headed back to court on Friday to appeal her case before the same judges who handed down her punishment.
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Photos: Activists push for greater access to abortion in El Salvador
Abortion is prohibited in El Salvador in all cases, including rape and when a mother's life is in danger. With the support of international human rights groups, some inside the country are pushing for changes to the law. On September 28, 2017, activists gathered in downtown San Salvador to voice opposition to the draconian law, which they say causes unjust death and imprisonment.
Coastal view on Ile-a-Vache, Haiti
Safe or not? The contradiction in U.S.-Haiti policy
The Trump administration recently ordered Haitian temporary residents to go home saying conditions have improved since a 2010 earthquake. Yet the State Department warns American tourists about traveling there. Something doesn't add up?
La paciencia de los ciudadanos hondureños se agota cuatro d&iacut...
In photos: Police clash with the opposition protesters over disputed election in Honduras
The slow vote count in the presidential elections held last Sunday in Honduras heightened tensions on the streets and sparked accusations of fraud. Police used tear gas against stone throwing demonstrators. Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez is seeking re-election.
A supporter of oppositioon presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla thro...
Violence in Honduras mounts as election vote count nears end, 1 dead
At 9pm Honduras’ electoral court says it will announce the results from last Sunday’s presidential election. Incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez held a lead of more than 46,000 votes over challenger Salvador Nasralla before the last-stage count.
Protests are growing in Honduras over the slow electipon vote count and...
Tension rising in Honduras as election vote count drags on
Protests are mounting in Honduras as a slow vote count swings to incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández, raising suspicions of fraud. Final results are expected later on Thursday.
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Private Armies: A Colombian mercenary in the Persian Gulf opens up about this secretive business
The Colombian soldier Mauricio Calvo shares his experience as part of a burgeoning industry of men who travel the world to fight in other people's wars.
Fans packed the stadium in Pachuca Monday.
Women's soccer league in Mexico draws huge crowds
Years in the making, Mexico’s women’s soccer league began in July with 16 teams spread out across the country. Now, matches are packing stadiums.
Excapitán Santos Rodríguez Orellana en entrevista con Univ...
From hero to villain: the saga of a Honduran army captain caught in a drug war
A helicopter allegedly tied to the president's brother, a plot to kill the U.S. ambassador and a charge of torture are part of Capt. Santos Rodriguez's story.
The states with the highest murder rate in October 2017 were Baja Califo...
With four murders per hour, October was Mexico's bloodiest month in 20 years
From January to October 2017, 20,878 homicides were registered, becoming the period with the most violent deaths of the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto.