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A worker removes the Trump name from a hotel in Panama that was managed...
Judge in Panama accuses Trump lawyers of intimidation and threats
A dispute over the hotel's management continues to spin out of control in Panama after President Trump's company was evicted from the five-star property in early March.
Maira Verónica Figueroa Marroquín stands outside the Ilopa...
Woman freed after 15 years in jail for controversial miscarriage charge
Maira Verónica Figueroa Marroquín was charged with aggravated homicide in El Salvador following what she says was a late-term miscarriage. She was released less than a month after Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, who had served 10 years of a 30-year sentence for the same crime.
A worker removes the Trump name from a hotel in Panama that was managed...
How Trump’s 'Art of the Deal' came untied in Panama
The U.S. president and real estate magnate was outdone at his own game by a small but wealthy group of mostly Republican investors.
Young people and teens in El Salvador do not receive sexual education. T...
Activists call for an end to violence against women in El Salvador
"We want to live!" On International Women's Day, March 8, women of all ages marched through the streets of San Salvador to speak out against abuse and to advocate for laws to protect them.
Trump Organization evicted from management of Panama hotel
A judge in Panama on Monday ended Trump's management of its first real estate venture in Latin America, the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower. Workers quickly removed the 'Trump' name from a sign outside the entrance.
Jose Mario Escobar, a candidate for Congress, in front of his tire shop.
From migrant to candidate for Congress: this Salvadoran wants to use his experience to help deportees
Upon his return to El Salvador after 15 years in the United States, Jose Mario Escobar faced the difficulties of starting a business in his native country. Now he is running for office to try to change the way returned migrants and deportees are treated in the country. Salvadorans will cast their ballots Sunday, March 4.
Police stand guard outside the Trump Ocean Club Internatiional Hotel &am...
The bizarre battle for control of Trump's Panama hotel
The Trump Organization is in danger of losing another of its prized hotel possessions after months of legal wranglings that are jeopardizing its operation in Panama.
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In photos: A glimpse inside Trump's Panama hotel
The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower is the subject of a bitter legal dispute over the management of the luxury five-star property. Univision visited Panama City to check out the distinctive sail-shaped design of the hotel, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
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The Trump licensing model blows up Panama
The Trump Ocean Club in Panama has been tied to drug-traffickers and money launderers. The developer went bankrupt shortly after the club was inaugurated and now the Trump Organization is battling the owners to keep managing the hotel.
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The criminal ties of Trump’s partners in Brazil in the run up to the Olympics
Two early investors of the Trump Hotel Rio in Brazil were facing criminal charges when they went into business with the real estate magnate. Now, Trump’s name is all over documents in two federal probes.
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Trump at Cap Cana: A failed project where everyone lost, except Trump
As Trump made millions in the Dominican Republic, the biggest loser was a state bank that ended up with Trump lots as payment for several defaulted loans.
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Trump Ocean Resort Baja: A foundation of lies
For two years, the developer of the Trump Ocean Resort in Baja California, Mexico, made a slew of promises to buyers. But construction never even began.
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Trump Org: a magnet for dirty businessmen
Many of the organization’s international partners faced scandals involving corruption, fraud, money laundering and drug trafficking. We take in-depth look at the company’s licensing business and controversial projects in Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Panama
Teodora del Carmen Vásquez stood with her parents Thursday outsid...
Woman sentenced to 30 years in jail for having a stillbirth released from prison in El Salvador
Teodora del Carmen Vásquez is one of dozens of women who have been charged with aggravated homicide in El Salvador following reported miscarriages.
Alex Saab
Businessman who sued Univision Noticias lashes out in Venezuela against four journalists who had to leave the country
Alex Saab was linked by the investigative journalism portal to the business with the subsidized food bags that the Venezuelan government sells to the population. The journalists reported that they had to leave the country because of threats of imprisonment