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Real America with Jorge Ramos: California vs. Trump

California is at war with the Trump administration. And now the battle is being fought overseas. California Governor Gavin Newsom, a man who considers himself the antithesis of Trump, traveled to El Salvador to engage in a different type of diplomacy —one that seeks to define California’s own foreign policy with Central America.
22 Abr 2019 – 4:33 PM EDT

In San Salvador, Governor Newsom sat down with the team of Real America with Jorge Ramos to tell us how California has become the perfect counterweight to Trump, and is now ready to offer a new type of leadership for America. ( see the show in link below)

Tim Rogers (Real America): Does the onus of responsible diplomacy fall on states like California right now?

Newsom: I mean in the absence of national leadership I think states should assert themselves.

Tim Rogers: Is this the Republic of California playing counterweight to the White House?

Newsom: Look we're at war with the Trump administration. I come from the most UnTrump state in America. California is involved in over 47 lawsuits I think we are on 48 with the Trump administration. I mean he's taking shots every week attacking our diverse communities demeaning our diverse communities willfully ignorant or intentionally ignorant about his own rhetoric. He has no understanding of the nuances here in El Salvador and doesn't understand the history. I don't mean that to demean his intelligence. I demean his lack of curiosity. He's incurious.

Tim Rogers: Can California essentially have its own foreign policy in this region? Can it have its own foreign policy, its own border policy?

Newsom: I mean we do. California talks about managing its border. California has one of the largest border crossings in the Western Hemisphere. And it would dramatically change the rhetoric if we we’re having a discussion around managing our borders as opposed to building border walls which are just monuments to stupidity.

Tim Rogers: If Trump acts on his threats to shut down the border how can you as governor try to try to mitigate that? How can you challenge that?

Newsom: California has the capacity we punch above our weight. We have the ability to communicate a message at scale and we have the ability to communicate what this means the economic consequences are are profound. Billions and billions of dollars. Businesses that are thriving along the border in America, American businesses proud American business would be devastated even by a multiday shutdown of the border.

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