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Supporters of democratic U.S. Senator candidate Doug Jones celebrate as...
How black women helped Doug Jones to victory in Alabama
The black vote was crucial in electing Jones to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. He was the first Democrat to be elected to the Senate from Alabama in 25 years. Black voters felt empowered by Jones, who reached out to them across the state in an effort activists say Democrats can learn from.
Doug Jones celebrates victory.
Republicans suffer historic blow in Alabama as Democrat wins U.S. Senate seat, defeats scandal-plagued judge
Democrats celebrate first Senate win in state in 25 years, putting Trump’s legislative agenda in jeopardy.
Alabama election offers a stark contrast in candidates: Democrat Doug Jo...
Alabama votes in key U.S. Senate election, tinged by sex and racism
Will voters choose Judge Roy Moore, an accused sexual predator, over Democrat Doug Jones in a state that Donald Trump won by 28% in 2016? No Democrat has won an Alabama Senate race in 25 years. Polls show a tight race, but many voters are nervous to express their preference.
'Never Moore' Alabama Republicans buck their party to do the unthinkable: vote for a Democrat
A number of Republicans are urging their conservative family members and friends to cross party lines to keep Moore out of office. That’s unusual in Alabama. The state hasn't elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate since 1992.
Felicia Stewart is running for a seat in the Alabama House. "If it...
Alabama's Roy Moore thinks women shouldn't get involved in politics: this lesbian candidate disagrees
Progressive candidates are launching their 2018 political campaigns in conservative Alabama. That's especially significant in the midst of a Senate election marked by accusations of harassment against the Republican candidate, Judge Roy Moore, who seems to believe that women should not run for office.
Doug Jones
Clash of civilizations: meet Doug Jones, the overlooked Alabama U.S. Senate candidate challenging Roy Moore
The candidates in the Dec. 12 special election couldn't be more different. While Moore is accused of preying on young girls, Jones prosecuted the white supremacists who killed four black girls in a notorious church bombing. But, the Democratic party has not won a U.S. Senate race in Alabama in 25 years.
Elizabeth Guzman was the first Latina ever to run for a seat in Virginia...
Encouraged by opposition to Trump, these women are pushing a political revolution
By all accounts, 2018 is shaping up to be a watershed year for women in political office. We spoke to a number of Latinas about their races and what’s to come.
Ralph Northam celebrating his victory in Virginia's gobernatorial electi...
Virginia election provides Democrats with recipe for Latino vote in 2018
Latino Democrats rode to victory on Tuesday with a "going local" strategy. Activists say the key to success was recruiting a new crop of progressive candidates in state races, as well as a 'Trump effect' which saw angry voters mobilized to push back against policies that criminalize immigrants.
Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala won seats in the Virginia House of Deleg...
Latinas emerge victorious in elections a year after Trump's presidential win
On Tuesday, minorities pushed back against a climate of intolerance and racial tension in landmark state elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Here's a rundown of minority winners from around the nation.
Primera asambleístas transgénero en Virginia, Danica Roem,...
In photos: A year after Trump's triumph, diversity prevailed in local elections
In Tuesday state elections, mayors, legislators and municipal council members were elected throughout the country. A transgender delegate was also elected in Virginia, a lesbian mayor in Seattle and a minority religious mayor for the first time in New Jersey.
A cruise ship entering the port of Havana.
Trump administration announces new Cuba travel sanctions
Almost five months after President Trump announced he was ending President Obama's warming with Cuba, the White House announced its new regulations on Wednesday morning. But experts say enforcement will be tough. The changes also come in the midst of a return to frosty diplomatic relations between the two countries over alleged "sonic attacks" against U.S. diplomats.
A bus billboard shows Miami mayoral candidate Francis Suárez in M...
A spectator democracy: Why do only 2 out of 10 people in the U.S. vote for mayor?
On Tuesday, dozens of cities will hold local elections and chances are you didn't even know it. Local turnout in the U.S. hovers around 10-20 percent, an extraordinarily low figured compared with cities in Latin America and Europe.
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This is the bloody war on drugs in the Philippines that's been praised by Trump
When Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as Philippines’ president in June 2016, he declared a war on drug traffickers and users. Since then, Human Rights groups estimate more than 12,000 people have been killed in this offensive they call "a war on the poor." Univision News traveled to Manila and witnessed this conflict first hand.
Miedo en la capital del pollo de Estados Unidos
Univision News visited Gainesville, Georgia, the city with the highest concentration of undocumented immigrants in the country. It is one of the few counties where local law enforcement has free rein to act as immigration police. This report is the first in a series called Immigration Lab.
Laura Ingraham during the Republican National Convention.
Fox News banking on new anti-Hispanic talk show host: Laura Ingraham
The leading conservative voice has been attacking Latinos for years, with comments that border on racism. On Monday, she will debut on the primetime lineup of President Trump's favorite news channel.