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Plenty of satisfaction as Rolling Stones announce Cuba concert

Rolling Stones give free concert in Cuba March 25
1 Mar 2016 – 05:53 PM EST

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Rolling Stones Crédito: Twitter

The Rolling Stones are planning to rock Havana, announcing a free concert in the city on March 25 just three days after U.S. president Barack Obama makes a historic visit to the Caribbean island.

The "Concert for Amity" is already being heralded at the biggest musical event on the island since the 1959 revolution that brought former former Cuban president Fidel Castro to power, rivalling a peace concert organized by Colombian singer Juanes in 2009.

Under Castro rock music was banned for decades and considered to be ideologically deviant, giving added significance to concert which comes at the twilight of the Stones who have been around almost as long as the Cuban Revolution and were founded in 1962.

"We have performed in many special places during our long career but this show in Havana is going to be a landmark event for us, and , we hope, for all out friends in Cuba too," the band said in a statement.

The band's frontman Mick Jagger visited Havana in October apparently to scout venues, one of a number of celebrities who have flocked to Cuba after the Obama administration announced efforts to nromalize relations with the communist-run island.

The Stones concert at Havana's indoor Ciudad Deportiva arena comes at the end of a America Latina Ole tour of seven cities, and the group said it would donate instruments and musical equipment while in Cuba.

Obama is visiting Cuba March 21-22, and will become the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in almost 90 years.