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Who is who in the drug trafficking trial against 'Tony' Hernández, brother of the president of Honduras

On the sixth day of Tony Hernández's trial for drug trafficking, prosecutors showed the jury parts of a video of a DEA "interview" with the former Honduran congressman, recorded just after he was arrested at Miami International Airport in November 2018 To better understand the video, and as the trial progresses, we have prepared this guide of who is who.
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10 Oct 2019 – 05:59 PM EDT
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Former congressman Juan Antonio 'Tony' Hernández is on trial in a federal court in New York accused of trafficking tons of cocaine and arms smuggling. Witnesses include several admitted drug traffickers, who are alleged to have conspired with Hernandez.

During the DEA interview, Hernandez made an attempt at cooperation that included numerous statements that corroborate the testimony of other witnesses which are now being used against him at the trial in New York.

The trial has captured national attention in Honduras, provoking protests calling for the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernández, who is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

Tony Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. President Hernandez has also called the allegations against him "absurd," blaming them on traffickers seeking revenge for his anti-drug policies.