Florida, the NRA's "Gunshine" State
How the NRA made Florida the "Gunshine" state
The National Rifle Association spent $8 million in Florida over the last seven years to influence state and federal elections, but the gun owners group now finds itself on the defensive.
Students from Stoneman Douglas have been all over network news since the...
“We'll be voting in November for the first time.” Parkland teenagers push to turn their anger into gun control laws
The Stoneman Douglas high school students have given birth to a #NeverAgain campaign and plan to march on Tallahassee this week, then Washington DC in March. They have grown up amid news reports of mass shootings nationwide, but it hit home this time as they mourn the loss of friends and teachers. These Florida students are refusing to let Parkland become another name in the list of school massacres.
As the hours passed, the conference room at the Marriot Heron Bay hotel...
“Where is my son?” The agonizing wait of parents searching for their children after Florida school shooting
Parents of students at Stoneman Douglas High School waited for hours to learn whether their children were safe, wounded or dead. After midnight, the FBI identified the dead.
Promo Hotel Marriot
In photos: Aftermath of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida
The latest school shooting killed at least 17 people in southeast Florida. The attacker, a former student at Stoneman Douglas high school, opened fire shortly before dismissal.
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Crowdfunding sites see rise in campaigns from immigrant families facing deportation
A search for the word 'deportation' on platforms like GoFundMe and YouCaring brings up hundreds of people raising money to support family members and friends.
Tom Shannon, the State Department’s third-ranking official, Undersecreta...
Top US diplomat, Tom Shannon, resigns in latest loss for morale-challenged State Department
Shannon is the State Department’s third-ranking official, announced his departure on the eve of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's first extended trip to Latin America. Shannon is a near 35-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Latin America.
Come November, Florida voters will decide whether former felons should g...
Florida voters to decide whether to restore voting rights to former felons
Some 1.5 million convicted felons could have their right to vote restored. That could play a significant role in future elections in Florida, where races are often won by small margins.
Ivan Velazquez, 27, was born in Los Angeles, California, to immigrant pa...
These Americans are crossing into Tijuana to seek rehab for opioid addiction
Due to the high cost of U.S. healthcare, immigrants whose children are addicted to opioids have begun taking them to rehab in Mexico. We visited one such clinic in Tijuana.
La marcha de las mujeres en Washington el 21 de enero de 2017, con el ca...
Here's what you need to know about the Women's March anniversary
Events will take place around the country this weekend to commemorate the one year anniversary of the historic march, held the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president. Organizers launch a year-long effort to engage and register new voters and to elect more women to office.
The 2018 'girl of the year' is a Latina astronaut.
Report: women, black and Hispanic workers still underrepresented in STEM workforce
While Hispanics make up 16% of the U.S. workforce, they're only 7% of STEM workers, according to a new Pew report. Half of women working in STEM say they have encountered some form of gender discrimination at work.
The letter referred to the family as "spics" and "wetback...
"Dear Wetbacks": this Hispanic family found a racist letter on their front door
A Mexican family in Fullerton, California, said they received a letter complaining about their music, which also called them 'spics' and 'wetbacks' and made references to Trump's wall.
Juan Orlando Hernández, presidente reelecto de Honduras.
US recognizes ruling party candidate in botched Honduran election, despite fraud allegations
The Trump administration on Friday put its weight behind President Juan Orlando Hernández saying it found the Nov 26 election result was legitimate, despite "irregularities." Observers from the OAS said the election lacked "integrity."
Roberto José Rivas Reyes
President of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council hit with US sanctions
The Trump administration slapped sanctions on the President of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council, Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes, on Thursday, in a new round of punitive measures targeting "“serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors."
Hispanic Heritage
New Pew study examines how Hispanic identity fades across generations
11% of American adults with Hispanic ancestry do not identify as Hispanic, study estimates.
Salvador Nasralla, with wife Iroshka Elvir, holds up vote tallies that h...
Honduran government rejects call for new elections
On Sunday, the Organization of American States refused to accept the official result of the Nov 26 presidential election in Honduras due to evidence of massive vote count fraud.