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A woman walks past a board displaying the exchange rate for Mexican peso...
Remittances to Mexico jump by most in 10 years after Trump win
Mexicans abroad sent home nearly $2.4 billion in transfers in November, almost 25 percent higher than a year earlier.
President Obama’s Economic Legacy
“Since the recovery from the Great Recession started in 2010, over 15 million jobs have been created.”
Nelufar Hedayat
'The Traffickers' exposes how black markets move
In an immersive, vivid style, a new FUSION eight-part series takes viewers across the world and behind the scenes of the trading of rhinos, human organs, gold, sex and more. Watch the final two episodes of The Traffickers this Sunday at 10PM on FUSION .
Nassau, Bahamas.
Bahamas files: the latest leak of offshore tax haven documents
In the wake of the Panama Papers the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) received another leak off offshore documents, this time targeting the Bahamas.
Felipe Servín is a promising Silicon Valley entrepreneur from Mex...
How Mexico’s ‘Yo Amo Los Zapatos’ got 40 million ‘likes’
With only 18 employees, the popular Facebook page has more followers that Adidas or the New York Times. Now it just needs to make a profit.
Puerto Rico could default on July 1.
Obama quickly signs Puerto Rico financial rescue bill
The president signed the bill a day before the island is supposed to make a $2 billion payment to creditors.
 Janet L. Yellen concludes her speech on economic outlook
“The U.S. federal funds interest rate will not change at the next meeting of the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee on June 14-15.”
Havana chef Alfredo Gonzalez, 44, started his own pastry shop but has to...
Cuba to legalize small and medium-sized private businesses
The reform appears to be a major step in allowing private firms to buy and sell products directly from wholesalers, including the import and export of goods for the first time
The New York Stock Exchange on January 05, 2015
Almost $50
“Several factors are contributing to stop the price decline, such as supply disruptions in Nigeria, political instability in Venezuela and a weaker dollar.”
Conferencia de prensa impago Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Governor says debt default leaves island at mercy of courts
The island defaulted on $367 million in debt, with another $2 billion due in July
Havana chef Alfredo Gonzalez, 44, started his own pastry shop but has to...
Cuba opens state wholesale market to some private businesses
Cuba's growing private sector entrepreneurs have been calling for wholesale access to grow their businesses
President Obama signing an executive order on equal pay laws for women
Women’s Income Inequality – Our Story is Yet to be Written
Why aren’t Latinas outraged about income inequality solely because they are women?
Alberto Chang-Rajii addressing University of Arkansas
Mystery surrounds missing Chilean venture capitalist
Alberto Chang-Rajii made a big splash in Miami, supporting entreprenerus and befriending the likes of Richard Branson
John Pagel, dueño de una lechería, le explicó preoc...
In Wisconsin, even Trump supporters worry there will be no cheese without Latinos
Wisconsin dairy farmers say the price of a gallon of milk would cost twice as much in supermarkets if Trump’s proposals to deal with undocumented migrants were implemented.
Victor Rodriguez, who runs a small clothing business in Cuba making croc...
From bikinis to burgers, Cuba’s private sector gets boost from Obama
Cuba’s private sector looks to takeoff