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Xavier's World Morning Show

New to the Bay Area but not new to the radio business, Xavier's World is taking over morning drive! Crazy is the best way to describe Xavier and Biggie Paul
31 Mar 2016 – 04:51 PM EDT

Get Social with Xavier & Biggie:

Get To Know Xavier and Biggie:

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Xavier - I used to stay at my grandmothers house on the south side during summer vacation and listen to music and play basketball all day.

Biggie - My pops chasing his car with me behind the steering wheel at 6rs old.. lmao

What's your favorite movie of all time?

Xavier - This is a tough one. I've been addicted to movies for as long as I can remember. A couple that come to mind are Wild Style and The goonies back when I was a kid... And I'm really into horror movies now

Biggie - Blood In Blood Out : Bound by honor (purple rain runner up) #ijs

Who's your favorite music artist and why? Prince... Cuz  i always wanted a Lil Red Corvette.. But could never fit  in one... :(

What's your favorite quote?

Xavier - There's always someone dumber than you.

Biggie - Soooo Sitedd!! or YeahhBuddy or Mami or Dammitt or #BOOM

What would you like people to know about you?

Xavier - Entertainment is the only thing I'm decent at. Listen to my show.. Or add one more homeless to the streets.

Biggie - Underneath all the tattoos and  tough Rhino skin is a sweet cuddly teddy bear... :)

Music for you is...?



What are you're three all time favorite songs?

Xavier - I have too many to name

Biggie - Prince: (purple rain ) Shavonne :  ( tell me ) Biz Markie ( just a friend )

What are you most likely to be doing on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

Xavier - Spending time with my kids and eating something from the grill

Biggie - Queing it up with friends and familia drinking a few cold brews!!! #relaxtime


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