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NEWS: Ill Eminem Fan Passes

The Ill Eminem superfan who recently met Eminem after a social media campaign set up by his family to meet the rapper has passed away.
31 Mar 2016 – 04:19 PM EDT

Did you hear the story about Gage Garmo? He's the Eminem super fan who was sick with a rare form of bone cancer called Osteoarcoma. He was told he had approximately one week to live. When Gage's family got word of the news, they went to work trying to make his dying wish come meet Eminem!

The Detroit community rallied around Garmo with a social media campaign using the hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem...and it worked! Eminem recently visited the sick fan at his Michigan home. Thw two spent about two hours together this past Sunday.

Unfortunately, Gage Garmo has passed away after his long battle with cancer. But major props to Eminem for making a persons dying wish come true!


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