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SANA International Commerce, supplying manufacturing equipment to international markets

Its customers drill oil in the Middle East, manufacture beverages in Mexico, and run railroads in Latin America.
11 Abr 2012 – 06:39 PM EDT

SANA’s top products are oil and gas equipment

SANA International Commerce (SANA) is not widely known in San Antonio, but has a global reach. Founded in 1994 in San Antonio, SANA supplies the massive oil and gas equipment, transportation, manufacturing and mining equipment sectors throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Its customers drill oil in the Middle East, manufacture beverages in Mexico, and run railroads in Latin America. Each industry has a set of equipment and machinery needs, and SANA is equipped to both supply new equipment and to help its clients repair and maintain them. The advantage for foreign customers is working with one wellpositioned supplier capable of providing a range of equipment.

The UTSA International Trade Center has been involved with SANA since 2006 and has helped SANA grow by providing a broad range of market research to support SANA’s international expansion. Doug Smith, Assistant Director of the UTSA International Trade Center, has advised the company on markets and products, helping them obtain actionable data to help the company grow.

SANA’s top products are oil and gas equipment as well as beverage and brewing equipment, but it is also involved in supplying parts to keep locomotives and a broad range of other industrial equipment operating around the world.

The company has also recently entered the supply chain management and forwarding industry, building on its experience of quickly moving equipment and machinery globally.

Mexico is SANA’s largest market, and where it also operates a repair facility. Nearly 100 percent of sales are international, and SANA continues to expand by exporting its product line, and by adding new customers and reaching additional countries each year.

The UTSA International Trade Center recently assisted SANA with market research, such as identifying food and beverage manufacturers in Mexico and researching potential trade shows in Russia and the Ukraine. Smith is also helping the company evaluate the locomotive repair market in Chile.

Developing new international markets has allowed SANA to grow, even in difficult economic times. The company now has 19 employees, up from only half a dozen five years ago.

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