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Elecciones 2016

Rubio gets consolation win in Puerto Rico primary

Rubio wins Sunday's Puerto Rico primary
6 Mar 2016 – 11:04 PM EST

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Marco Rubio en Puerto Rico

Florida Senator Marco Rubio earned a much-needed, though not unexpected, win on Sunday in the Republican primary for Puerto Rico, while Democrat Bernie Sanders notched up another primary win in Maine.

According to official results of the State Election Commission, Rubio won 71% of the vote, easily beating New York billionaire, Donald Trump, who leads the overall Republican primary race. By winning a majority of the votes Rubio walked away with all 23 of Puerto Rico's delegates for the Republican convention in July.

It was Rubio's second win in a campaign in which he trails Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz and came as some consolation after a disappointing night on Saturday when he failed to finish higher than third in Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Maine.

However, Rubio still trails Trump in the overall delegate count by 151 to 384, with Cruz on 300. In the 19 primaries and caucuses so far, Trump has won 12 states and Cruz six.

Rubio was the only Republican candidates who visited the Caribbean island commonwealth ahead of the election and received the endorsement of the island's Republican leadership, including Representative Jenniffer González, former governor Luis Fortuño.

The future of Rubio's campaign now depends heavily on winning March 15 in his home state of Florida, with 99 delegates at stake in a winner-take-all primary. If he wins, Rubio could force his way back into the race, though he would still face an uphill task, analysts say.

On Sunday night Clinton and Sanders also faced off in a CNN Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan ahead of the state's primary on Tuesday.

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