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Trump sinks lower among Hispanics in new poll

With barely 10% support nationally Trump placed third behind "others," according to a weekly survey. He is doing even worse in Florida.
8 Sep 2016 – 01:34 PM EDT

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En el debate también habrá preguntas sobre economía y la “dirección” que debe tomar el país.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to sink among Latino voters with 10.7% support nationally, falling into third place behind "others," according to a weekly tracking poll by New Latino Voice.

Meanwhile Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has maintained a steady growth, rising to 76.8% support among Latinos, the poll found.

In the key swing state of Florida, Trump has fallen even lower among Hispanics to only 9.1%, with Clinton reaching her highest recorded level at 77.4%.

An exclusive Univision forecast this week predicted Trump's low level of support in Florida will cost him the state and its 29 electoral votes, highly sought after in the race for the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

"Trump has reached a new floor at the national level," said Eduardo Gamarra, co-author of New Latino Voice, an online poll conducted by Florida International University and Adsmovil, which is surveying the Latino vote nationally over the course of 22 weeks. The last sample was taken between Aug 30 and Sept 5.

"This week was marked by Trump's visit to Mexico and his controversial speech in Arizona about immigration. We can speculate that this new floor is likely related to these two events," he added.

Trump's poor showing in Florida indicates a dramatic loss of support among the large Cuban American population that has tended to favor Republicans. Even in heavily Cuban Miami-Dade County, Trump's support among Hispanics this week fell almost three points to 15.3%, the survey found.

Clinton rose two percentage points this week, according to the survey. "As we have been noting throughout this exercise, Clinton has an iron clad relationship with Latinos overall," Gamarra said in a statement.

Latinos nationally continue to view immigration and the economy as the principal issues affecting them, the survey found.

The electoral landscape in Florida remains uncertain, according to other polls. According to the website Real Clear Politics, which calculates a daily average of poll results, Clinton holds a slender 2.1 point lead over Trump; 44.7%-42.6%.

Adsmóvil uses a geo-location platform to find respondents identified nationwide from the company's database of over 32 million self identified Latinos. Each sample is independently drawn.

( Due to a boycott of Univision by the Trump campaign it was not possible to obtain comment from the Republican nominee for this story)

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