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Is there more to Donald and Boris comparisons than hair alone?

Their striking hair styles have drawn comparisons, but how much does Britain’s new British leader, Boris Johnson, have in common with Donald Trump? (Lea este articulo en español)
28 Jul 2019 – 02:58 PM EDT
¿Qué tienen en común Donald Trump y Boris Johnson? Crédito: Getty Images/AP/David Maris

Britain's new prime minister, Boris Johnson, assumed the position of prime minister on Wednesday after winning the election for leader of the ruling Conservative Party.

His striking blond hair, his populism and the choice of politically incorrect words have earned him comparisons with Donald Trump. But how deep are the similarities?

In his first statement as prime minister, Boris Johnson promised the "beginning of a new golden age," an apparent echo of Trump's slogan; 'Make America Great Again’.

Trump has stated his satisfaction with Johnson's rise to power, saying he would do a "great job," suggesting he was the British version of Trump, or "Britain Trump."

The pair do share one concrete detail in common: both were born in New York, albeit almost two decades apart.

Alexander Boris of Pfeffel Johnson (his full name), 55, was born in New York City on June 19, 1964. Donald J Trump, 73, was born in New York City on June 14, 1946.

Here is a summary of their similarities and where they differ.