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Democrats maintain lead with Hispanic voters, but economy helping Trump

A new poll finds that the Democratic Party needs to remind Hispanics that the strong economy isn’t benefiting all. (Lea este articulo en español)
22 Jul 2019 – 04:00 PM EDT
Voters in a majority Hispanic district. Crédito: Getty Images

Latino voters continue to support Democrats, especially on issues such as health care and immigration, but a perception among Democratic-leaning voters that the economy is moving in the right direction could help Trump’s re-election chances in 2020, according to a new poll conducted on behalf of Priorities USA, an important Democratic Party super PAC fund raiser.

While few Latino voters approve of Trump (20% Arizona, 26% Nevada, and 42% in Florida), and Democrats enjoy 20-point overall polling leads in all three states, Priorities USA concluded that it was “imperative” that Democrats show that the strong economy has not benefited many working and middle-class Latinos.

Democrats needed to conduct significant outreach to engage voters on the specifics of Trump’s policies, particularly on economic issues, it added. While many Latinos may have a positive view about the strength of the economy, a majority in those three states said they do not believe they benefit personally from Trump’s economic policies, according to the poll the poll of 1,632 voters in Florida, Arizona and Nevada conducted by Latino Decisions.

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