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Disney Remaking "The Lion King" into a Live Action Film

Would you watch a remake of The Lion King?
28 Sep 2016 – 12:15 PM EDT

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It appears that Jon Favreau's new movie "The Jungle Book" was so much success that it inspired him to make another Disney reboot. Favreau took to Instagram to post an image from the 1994 animated story, "The Lion King."

Disney put out a press release saying "We can officially confirm that The Walt Disney Studios and director Jon Favreau are putting a new reimagining of The Lion King on the fast track to production. The project follows the technologically groundbreaking smash hit The Jungle Book, directed by Favreau, which debuted in April and has earned $965.8 million worldwide."

Back in 1994, The Lion King, which was one of the biggest animated films of it's time earned $968.8 million globally. It won two Academy Awards for the original song by Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight. The movie inspired a Broadway musical which won six Tony Awards and remains one of the biggest Broadway productions in the world.

Based on Favreau's background, it appears that The Lion King reboot will most likely be CGI animated. There's no release date as of yet.


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