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10 Reasons Not to Look at Your Phone Today

25 Ago 2014 – 12:15 PM EDT

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Many of us are guilty of spending far too much time with our phones. Take the smartphone challenge and put that phone down today. Here are ten reasons why you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Watch Your Kids Grow Up Through a Lens

I am not here to guilt you about looking at your smart phone while your kids play at the local park. I mean, we can all agree that it is less than crucial to watch them go down a slide fifty times and build countless sand castles. I do, however, believe that if you’re filming or photographing every single move your child makes you’re missing out on the real deal. Put the phone down and enjoy the experience in 3D.

Nature is Changing All Around You

I regularly bob and weave as I walk down the street to avoid pedestrians with their heads down checking their phone for some essential status updates or a pressing viral video. Not only is this dangerous but they are missing the beauty of the changing seasons.

It Won’t Matter in One Hundred Years

Stop what you are doing? Will it matter in one hundred years? Will it matter in ten years? One year? Get your priorities straight and focus on the meaningful things in life. The smartphone challenge is one way to pay attention to things that matter.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Your children worship you. They will model your behavior, for better or for worse. Don’t let them see you with your head in your phone all day when there is prime play time available.

Your Friends Are Getting Annoyed

Stop pretending you are waiting for an important email. Your phone does not need to sit beside your dinner plate at a restaurant. Your friends may start to resent the fact that your eyes are always cast downward during conversations. Show them they are as important to you as the updates on your phone and put it away while you are spending time with them.

Your Boss is Getting Suspicious

Are you really replying to a work related email? Maybe you start out that way but you can’t help but notice there are a few social media notices calling your name. Before you know it you’ve been sucked into the internet vortex and work is long forgotten.

You’re Not Moving Your Body

It might seem simple but the fact is if you are always looking at your phone you are not moving your body. Our intense interest in technology is slowing us down. Leave the phone at home and go outside and get moving.

You’ll Feel a Sense of Freedom

You’ll experience a sense of liberty from the same technology that you are constantly drawn to. Sometimes we might not realize how much we need a break from technology until we take one.

You’ll Accomplish Other Things

If you could count the minutes and hours spent on your phone you’d likely be surprised how much time you would have for other things if you put that phone away once in a while. Have you been meaning to clean out the garage? Stain the deck? Where has all the time gone? I’m betting a good portion of it went to your smart phone.

You’re Phone Can’t Hug You

If you’re spending time with your phone you are not spending time with people that love you. If that isn’t reason enough to put your phone down today, I don’t know what is.