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We made music sampling meteors and sounds from the universe

Add this to your Eclipse 2017 soundtrack: original tracks by producers Nixon and Chato! using actual frequencies from space.
21 Ago 2017 – 2:23 PM EDT

As the Eclipse 2017 madness was gearing up, here at U-LAB Music we started talking about what we could do to mark the occasion. Filmmaker and U-LAB Music collaborator Miguel Almenara is an Air Force veteran, where he used to be a satellite communications technician and he brought up last week's Perseid Meteor shower and how even though he wasn't able to see it in the sky due to city light pollution, he found a website that was streaming frequencies from meteors captured by satellites.

This prompted us to connect Almenara with two music producers, who, using these satellite recordings of the Sun, meteor showers and other star bodies as raw material, created original tracks in honor of the Solar Eclipse of 2017. Here are the results made in less than 12 hours, play this on a loop as you watch (safely!) the eclipse:

'Asteroid' by Nixon

"When Miguel sent me the files, I chopped them and played different parts on different keys so I could come up with different tones and melodies, then added drums and sub-bass. I have sampled animal sounds before but not stars [laughs.] I really wanted to make it spacey and leave it open for interpretation," says Miami native Nixon, aka Devin Perez, of this trap instrumental.

'Vienen por ti' by Chato!

"To start the song, I used sounds from the Sun. I went off on a gqom trip, which is a style out of the Durban townships in South Africa. An eclipse event like this is a reminder from the universe that we are part of something bigger and that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff," says Chato!, our U-LAB Music Artist in Residence for the month of August.

If you want to drop a verse or remix these tracks, tag us on Instragam U-LAB Music and we'll feature you.

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