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Messiah El Artista: don't underestimate female trap fans

A lively discussion with this Dominican urban artist about trap and the women who love the genre.
14 Ago 2017 – 5:04 PM EDT

Trap music is blowing up in the Latin music industry, with new acts like Bad Bunny popping out of nowhere and into streaming charts and radio rotation in the past six months alone. One of the pioneers of Latin trap is bilingual urban artist Messiah El Artista, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City. Unlike most acts who rap in Spanish and start their career in the "home country" of Santo Domingo or Puerto Rico and then start playing in East Coast radio stations, Messiah came out of the New York scene with his Latin remixes ( he's about to drop a Spanish remix of fellow dominicana Cardi B's hit 'Bodak Yellow') and has been hustling as an independent artist for more than 7 years. While he is known for his trap and street mixtapes, this versatile artist's latest single is ‘Te dejaste amar’ , a romantic reggaeton track.

In this episode of the U-LAB podcast, Messiah discusses how he sings and raps about different topics beyond sex in his trap and hip hop songs. "El trap es la calle, no es solamente drogas y sexo," says Messiah emphatically. "Trap is music and is a form of expression." He says his fan base are mostly women, especially at this shows. In his song 'Bellakiviris' (best title ever, imho) is about a successful, career-driven woman who loves trap music. People criticize trap music as offensive to women, but Messiah says that's dismissive to women themselves. "It might be deragotary for you and you beliefs, but there's this girl who loves it and she doesn't feel like it's an insult at all because she's the one singing at the top of her lungs," says Messiah. "Tu le quieres dar consejo a alguien? Dale consejo a ella."

And I just had to ask: Why is trap so concerned with making women come? "Because not all men make women come!" says Messiah in passionate defense as if his life depended on it. "You got girls who don't know what it is to have an orgasm because some guys just want them...So I feel this is the era of the woman and this is the era of pleasing your woman and feel tamed."

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