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Stories of resistance and heroism: Aqui y Ahora introduces those who are 'Combating the Coronavirus'

This Sunday, the Aqui y Ahora show presents a new special edition on the coronavirus.
27 Mar 2020 – 12:15 PM EDT

Hospitals are the battleground in today's war on coronavirus. Doctors and nurses are the first line of combat.

While patients are fighting for their lives, healthcare staff warn that success also depends on having the necessary supplies such as artificial respirators and protective equipment to avoid being exposed to Covid-19.

In addition, relatives of undocumented immigrants behind bars and the attorneys representing them have raised the alarm about the potentially devastating consequences if the coronavirus pandemic gets into detention facilities.

In defense of the undocumented, they have created a national movement to demand that the government release them from detention.We also accompany a group of religious volunteers who, at a time when most people are being told to #stayathome, are helping those who do not have a home to take refuge in.

We also document the day-to-day lives of people who have to work while risking their lives so that others can stay home safely to minimize the impact of the pandemic.

And finally, a Univision reporter interviewed an official who tested positive for the coronavirus and recounted in first person the odyssey he went through to get tested. All the stories this Sunday on Aqui y Ahora at 7pm (ET), 6 (CT).