Real America with Jorge Ramos: Julián Castro says he's the "antidote to Donald Trump."

This week on Real America, Jorge Ramos travels to San Antonio, Texas to chat with Julián Castro, a HUD Secretary in the Obama administration seeking to become the first Latino president of the United States.
15 Mar 2019 – 2:55 PM EDT

The election is still more than 18 months away but Jorge Ramos is already sizing up the candidates. It's going to be a crowded field for the Democratic Party nomination, among them Joaquin Castro who is seeking to become the first Latino president in U.S. history. Castro calls himself "the antidote to Donald Trump, because mine is an immigrant story, an American Dream story. It's a story rooted in the idea that everybody counts."

Jorge traveled to San Antonio, where Castro is remembered as a succesful mayor. His grandmother came from Mexico in 1922 when she was seven years old and worked as a maid, a cook and a babysitter. His mother Rosie was an activist in the Chicano movement for civil rights.

And they go for a ride along the San Antonio river.