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Quiz: Who said it, Trump or Chávez?

Take the quiz to see if you can determine the difference between the Republican presidential candidate and the late Venezuelan leader.
13 Oct 2016 – 03:23 PM EDT
Donald Trump and Hugo Chávez have a lot in common, writes Jorge Ramos. Crédito: Getty Images / Collage by David Maris

When it comes to political ideology, Donald Trump is quite different than Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's late socialist president. But there are commonalities, too: an offensive and crude style, megalomania, a conflicted relationship with the media, threats to political opponents, and unfiltered tweets. Since Trump kicked off his campaign last year, journalists and political commentators have pointed out these similarities. They've also pointed out how similar Trump's oratory is to the late Chávez's.

We challenge you to take this quiz to see if you can tell the difference between what the two men have said.