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New poll shows most Americans oppose Trump’s immigration policy

Gallup poll shows Republicans split over deportation and the Mexican wall, but support path to citizenship
20 Jul 2016 – 07:49 PM EDT
Poll questions support for Trump's border policies

A survey conducted by national research agency Gallup found that two-thirds of Americans are opposed to Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s immigration policies, while 84 percent prefer a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

The poll, released Wednesaday, a day after Trump won the Republican party's presidential nomination, suggests that his much vaunted plan to deport all illegal immigrants living in the United States back to their home countries, as well as building a massive wall along the US-Mexico border, are not as popular as he likes to say.

Gallup’s poll shows that while 62 percent of Republicans are in favor of building a wall along the US-Mexico border, 76 percent of Republicans support allowing illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. The poll also shows that Republicans are equally split when it comes to Trump’s plan to deport all illegal immigrants back to their home country.

"Should Trump be elected president, some may conclude his immigration proposals played a key part in that win. However, if Trump does prevail, it appears his victory would come in spite of his stance on immigration, not because of it," according to Gallup.

The Gallup poll comes on the heels of a survey conducted in April by Cronkite News at Arizona State University, Univision and the Dallas Morning News that showed that a majority of residents living on the border oppose Trump’s wall out fear that it would divide existing communities on the border. Univision’s poll, found that 86 percent of those on the Mexican side and 72 percent on the American side were each opposed to the building of a border wall.