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Real America with Jorge Ramos: Migrant Kids Stuck at the Border

They are "Out of Sight and Out of Mind" after the passing of the controversial Remain in Mexico policy. A look at life in a border camp through the eyes of Genesis, a 9-year-old Honduran girl.
24 Ene 2020 – 12:09 PM EST
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Genesis Crédito: Univision

It’s been a year since President Trump's ' Remain in Mexico' policy was introduced requiring migrants seeking asylum to stay in Mexico for the duration of the process.

Univision's Nidia Cavazos interviewed Genesis, az 9-year-old girl who fled gang violence in Honduras. She asked genesis to describe what life is like in the camp.

"Why did we flee our country? Back home, they sell cocaine to children at schools. We have to pay a ‘war tax’. If we do not pay, they will kill us," she says.