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Ozuna and Cardi B team up for 'La Modelo'

Cardi B finds her Latin roots for her new song
20 Dic 2017 – 10:44 AM EST

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Rapper Cardi B and Ozuna appear together in their music video for 'La Modelo.' This song marks the first time Cardi B has recorded a track that is primarily sung in Spanish. Crédito: YouTube / Ozuna

What happens when one of the biggest reggaeton artists and one the hottest rappers in the game come together? Pure musical magic.

That's what is happening on Ozuna's newest track, 'La Modelo,' featuring Cardi B. The two artists take us on a tempting trip to Jamaica in their newest music video and we are 100% on board. This song marks the first time Cardi tries out her singing chops in Spanish.

Check out the video below.

Fans have been looking forward to this collaboration ever since Cardi teased it on Instagram back in early November.

This song also follows the trend of predominantly english artists collaborating with Latino artists to create massive international hit songs - Justin Bieber joins Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi on the already popular, 'Despacito,' and the song makes its way to the Number 1 in the US. Beyoncé jumps on J. Balvin's track and 'Mi Gente' becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Make no mistake, this song is going to be massive.


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