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The Ultimate Gender Reveal Guide: Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's Gender

Today, it has become a common practice to discover the gender and find creative ways to share the news via social media and parties.
20 Jul 2016 – 12:42 PM EDT

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Gender Reveal parties are all the rage. Twenty three years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, the ultrasound revealed we were having a boy. We only told a few family members. My sister-in-law asked us about names and I shared my favorite one: David Joseph.

During our baby shower, I opened a gift from my sister-in-law; it was a wooden shelf with the name “David,” blazed across the top. In an instant, the entire group knew we were having a boy.

“What if we aren’t naming him David?” I said.

As it turned out the letters could have easily been replaced.

Announcing the gender wasn’t planned, but it was amusing to see the expressions on everyone’s faces when the information was revealed!

Today, it has become a common practice to discover the gender and find creative ways to share the news via social media and parties. Today’s 3D ultrasounds are even more accurate than 20 years ago, making it relatively safe to confidently do a gender reveal. So here are some creative, popular ways you can do a gender reveal:

Speaking of Ultrasounds…
Decorate a 5 x 7 blank piece of card stock with the words: “It’s a…” Have your doctor write down the gender after an ultrasound and seal it in an envelope. You can open the envelope and reveal the gender at a party or do the reveal on video and share it via social media.

It’s Under the Plate, Baby! (Or maybe the chair…)
Hide the gender under the chairs, cups, plates, or centerpiece. You can cut out a hand from pink/blue construction paper, or use a rubber stamp and put it on card stock. Add a ribbon or bow for extra decoration.

In the Hands
One couple I know did the cutest reveal I’ve ever seen--the couple wore white t-shirts and formed a heart with their hands on top of the growing belly and took a snapshot. The second photo revealed the gender--her hands were painted in blue, leaving beautiful handprints on a white shirt. It’s a great keepsake to cut out and frame to hang in the baby’s room.

Cake, Cupcakes, Candy, and Ice Cream
Perhaps the most common way to share a gender reveal is to cut into a cake or cupcake--and reveal blue or pink frosting or whipped cream.

Candy can be customized with colored wrappers and hidden inside a small box or wrapped in colorful baby fabric. Hand them out to guests all at once and instruct them to open them at the same time. The candy serves as a party favor as well. One friend colored “she” with pink marker on the outside of a Hershey bar and wrapped the candy bar in pink and blue wrapping paper. The guests opened them all at once.

Another idea: Serve pink (strawberry) or blue (Blue Moon) ice cream in waffle cups covered by a hard shell of chocolate. Guests will have to crack open the chocolate shell for the reveal.

Hit the Pinata
Another fun way to reveal gender is by stuffing a pinata with blue or pink candy and letting everyone have a go at splitting it open. If you’re really creative--make the pinata mold from Mom’s belly!

In the Box
For this, you’ll need a large cardboard box and a bunch of pink or blue balloons. Stuff the balloons (filled with helium, of course!) in the box, tape shut, and wrap the box with baby wrapping paper. When you do the reveal, the balloons will dramatically float out of the box.

In another variation, wrap a pink or blue baby outfit in a box and open the box for the reveal.

And finally, if your baby has a sibling, you can do a gender reveal with a t-shirt hidden under their clothes--this works best with a jacket or a button down shirt.


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