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You're Working: How to do 'Mini Weekend Vacations' so the Kids Feel Like They Get Away

Plan a mini vacation for the weekend even if you can`t leave town and give yourself and your family a much needed break
30 Ago 2016 – 02:01 PM EDT

Summer is close to coming to an end and Labor Day is right around the corner. Summer is the season of "play" for most kids, tweens, and those teenagers that aren't searching for summer jobs. The only catch is that it isn't playtime for you. What do you do when the kids are off, but you need to sit in an office or work from home five days a week?

How do you keep the kids in that feel good mood and prevent them from feeling shortchanged when it comes to vacations? There are some fantastic ideas out there that can keep the kids feeling as if they've been somewhere and did something this summer, so don't miss out! Moreover, you might feel that you have had somewhat of a break too by choosing one of these "mini weekend vacation" escapes below.

Camping Adventures

Sometime the best camping adventures are the short ones where you just grab your tent, sleeping bags, a cooler of food and drinks and go. A spontaneous camping adventure might be just what the family needs this summer, and it certainly doesn't have to be for an entire week. There are many campgrounds that are situated just an hour from major towns or cities, so get your 'Google research hat' on and choose one that will meet the 'adventure' needs of your family.

Book a Staycation

Some of the best mini weekend vacations are within your own city and they are much cheaper than flying out of town. Check out local hotels that also offer family friendly fun, such as a pool, bike rentals, a games room, or children's activities and book a nice weekend in a home away from home. A staycation will also get you away from your regular home life tasks and offer you a bit of a break from your hectic week.

An Active Escape

Another fantastic idea is booking a weekend adventure that requires non-stop activity such as hiking, biking, zip lining, a ropes course, sailing or even white water rafting. This can be a great way to get your kids and teens off their iPhones and video games, and provide that much-needed outdoor family bonding experience.

Become Tourists in Your Own Town

This is one of my favorite things to do when I want to escape with my kids and it is budget-friendly. We plan a weekend that is full of activities that we can enjoy in our local area. We become tourists for the weekend and wander around trying out activities that we have never tried before such as eating bratwurst from a local food truck, visiting landmark museums and strolling through nature parks.

These are just a few ideas for a mini weekend getaway with your kids and they can also offer you a break from your regular routine. Who says the kids are the only ones allowed to have fun this Labor Day weekend? It's a family affair!

How do you offer your kids an escape in the summer when you have to work five days a week? Please share with us!