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Tricking Your Kids into Learning This Summer - 7 Great Science Apps

Be careful not to tell the kids they are learning though, because you don’t want anything to get in the way of their fun.
29 Jul 2016 – 12:03 PM EDT
Ready Jet Go Crédito: PBS

If you find your kids are kicking the dirt this summer instead of finding creative ways to entertain themselves it might be time to pull out a parenting trick or two. Try introducing these great science apps to your kids to get them learning before they even know it.

Monster Physics is a clever little app that will have your children building their own monster contraptions using all the laws of physics. They’ll be cementing some great skills while having a great time creating with their monster buddy. Find Monster Physics here.

This award winning app is a favorite among schools and libraries. Kids will learn about their body and how it works. The providers promises kids will “learn about the muscles that help you sing, talk and scream” and “watch as particles enter your nose, tickle your nerve endings and make you sneeze.” Find My Incredible Body here.

Your little ones are going to have hours of fun exploring space with this crew. Travel the planets and discover beautiful constellations along the way. Be careful not to tell the kids they are learning though, because you don’t want anything to get in the way of their fun. Find Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer here.

The weather app is great for the kids and they can help keep you updated on the weather. In fact, this app beats the weather app on your phone any day. Who wouldn’t want that cute puppy updating you on week to come? Find Kid Weather here.

Now we are getting a little more serious. Sky Safari is definitely more suited to older kids (and adults). It’s a beautifully detailed look at the night sky with all the astronomy knowledge you’ll ever need at your fingertips. Find Sky Safari here.

Relax, the app developers have made it clear that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or anything close, to launch a rocket with their new NASA Rocket Science app. Just jump right in and begin your mission. Find Rocket Science here.

Of course we saved the best for last. Check out grandpa up there floating around in space. Kids can join him on his many adventures though the stars and planets.. Rumor has it, he even does a little camping during his galactic adventure. Find Grandpa in Space here.