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Raising a Teenager: 4 Ways to Reach Out to Them

7 Ago 2014 – 03:18 AM EDT

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Raising a teenager can be a very difficult time for both parent and teen, but it can also be extremely rewarding if you make an effort to stay on a healthy parenting path and connect with your child as they develop into an adult.

Reconnect with your child on a different level as they become a teenager, show interest in their everyday life and let them know that you love them unconditionally. Consider these 4 tips for connecting with and raising your teenager. Create a brand new and even stronger bond between the two of you as they develop into healthy adults.

Be Flexible with Communication Standards

In these modern days of advanced technology, your teenager is in the center of it all. With smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it is sometimes hard to communicate face-to-face. Even though you may encourage direct interaction and communication when it comes to talking with your teen, be open to the idea of learning something new and communicating in other forms.

Of course, face-to-face communication is imperative for social development, but sometimes your teen may want to connect with you by text or by email when it comes to sensitive matters. They may feel more comfortable if you are not staring right at them as they talk about their new crush or bad grades in school. The more you are open to all forms of modern communication, the more you and your teen will have a chance to connect.

Learn to Like Some of their Interests

Even if you find the TV show they watch silly or if you can’t stand the way they get wrapped up in the world of fashion and shopping, pretend to be. Connecting with your teen may require some sacrifice for you and if you must spend the day wandering around the mall just to spend time connecting, do it. Teens are usually easier to talk to when they are in their own element.

Love Them Unconditionally

Let your teen know that you will always love them, regardless of successes and mistakes. Show them that you will always be there for them, through the tough times and through the best of times. Teenagers that feel a sense of security, regardless of their mistakes, will most likely open up more.

Actively Listen and Show Interest

When your teen turns to you for advice or wants to share some of their interests with you, actively listen. This means turning to them and giving them your full attention. No cell phone, iPad’s or laptops, just you listening. By listening, it shows your teen that you are interested in what they do and enjoy.

Raising a teenager can be an extremely rewarding experience as you connect with your child and as they develop into healthy young adults. As long as you show your teen you love them, that you are flexible and that you are interested in their life, you will create a loving bond between the two of you that will last a lifetime.