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Teaching Your Child that They Are Good Enough

Remind Them of How Special They Are
29 Mar 2016 – 12:03 PM EDT

A large majority of kids begin to feel insecure as they develop into tweens and teens. They start to question their personal worth and compare themselves to their peers, close friends and other families. Adolescents is a very delicate time for children and it can sometimes determine how they feel about themselves and how they will feel about themselves for the future. We as parents can help our children understand that they are good enough just the way they are.

We can encourage them and help build their self-esteem with our own efforts and through how we treat our kids every day. Here are some ways you can teach your child that they are always good enough, worthy of a beautiful life and special to many others.

Focus on Strengths

Parents need to help kids focus on their strong points so they can further develop them, as well as learn that they always have something of value to offer this world. If parents can encourage talents or ask their child to make a list of what they are good at, families can work together to hold onto and develop these strengths. Some kids are naturals at arts and crafts, while others may be fantastic at sports. Whatever the specific strength is, focus on it, and nurture it, so your child will always know they are good at something from the very beginning.

Support Begins at Home

Kids need to know that their home is safe and that when they have bad days, they can always turn to their parents for a hug, cry, or talk. A child that feels good about who they are and feels confident, is usually supported within their home and has a parent or parents that encourages them through life. Kids need constant support (even if they do not ask for it) as they develop into young adults so they always know that they are accepted at home. Because, when they are accepted at home for who they are, they will move through life with more confidence and achieve goals.

Remind Them of How Special They Are

It is important for kids to feel special and appreciated within their own family. Most kids that feel as though they 'matter' at home will find their place in the world. Remind your children of how special they are to you and many others, including their friends at school.

How do you teach your child that they are good enough? Please let us know!


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